Quikcord BattlBox Edition by Battlbox.com

Fulfilled by our friends at Battlbox.com

Tangled up cordage is a pain in the ...well you know! QUIKCORD is an amazing compact and lightweight tool to aid in eliminating the aggravation. Paracord is used by outdoorsmen and adventurers all over the world. It’s the temporary fix for things that break. The problem with cord is that no matter how you carry it, it’s always a tangled mess when you need it most. Built by a US Marine Infantry and Special Operations veteran, QUIKCORD is the essential piece of gear that belongs in everyone’s kit. Tangle free paracord, a built- in blade, and an emergency nighttime signal all in one.

Kit Equipped with: 

  • 20ft 550 Paracord Hank 
  • 1 Snaplight