The Secret Safety Tool of Serious Gun Owners. Inspect any Gun Bore in Minutes.

Are you a hunter, law enforcement officer, infantry or competitive shooter? Or someone who loves firearms and values reliability and safety? That’s who we made Endosnake for. We design the Endosnake for serious gun owners who are shrewd and self-sufficient.

Endosnake is the world’s smallest portable inspection camera. It’s understated and efficient. Like its gun owners.

When we created Endosnake, we did our homework to learn the people that need it, and what they demand of it. So we custom made Endosnake for rugged and hands on operators. That’s why durability was a priority.

Endosnake has a IP67 rating. Which means its housing protects the camera sensor from dirt and debris. And it's waterproof up to a meter, for half an hour. This means, no matter how old and dirty a bore is, an Endosnake can inspect it. Need to clean and inspect a gun in a humid jungle, tundra or a windy desert? No problem either.

Mainstream Borescopes Costs Hundreds to Thousands, Until Now.

Want a mainstream budget borescope? Let's compare different tiers of borescopes in market.

- Lyman costs around $200 - $300.

- Hawkeye costs you ten times more at $2000 - $3000 a pop.

- The next tier is in five figures.

You know what’s crazy? Many borescope owners have to record everything onto an SD card, before they can view it. It’s not in real-time, and/or the viewfinder has an inferior screen. If you wanted a decent real-time screen, you’re looking at eye-watering costs. This is an unnecessary cost.

You probably own a smartphone, tablet or computer. Why not take advantage of this? Why would you pay extra for something you own?

To ensure a great price, we removed this duplication. The Endosnake handles the light and camera, while your smartphone, tablet or computer is the viewfinder and recorder. This way, we cut the bloat and create a cost-effective product.

Besides, why would you carry a $3,000 borescope on long treks in extreme conditions? You’d worry about banging, scratching or losing it.

Meanwhile an Endosnake can take the abuse and keep working. It’s the winter beater of borescopes.

Imagine you’re sitting by a river to inspect and clean your rifle. You use your brand new $3000 borescope to do this, and you notice your bore needs cleaning. So you put the borescope down, and go through your kit for a patch. But you unwittingly knock the borescope into the river. You only realize you lost your borescope until it’s too late.

Worst case? The stream had carried it too far. You flushed $3000 down the toilet.

Best case? You recover it, but it’s probably damaged too.

That’s why you wouldn’t bring a mainstream or industrial borescopes during explorations or treks. Now if this was an Endosnake, you wouldn’t sweat losing it, because it costs a fraction of the $3000 borescope. And if you recover it? It might still work!

How Endosnake Allows for Faster Warranty and Service.

Endosnake users can inspect guns on sight at a retailer, because it’s portable. This ensures you have a functional firearm. This means you don’t have to go through the warranty process. This peace of mind is priceless.

No one wants to deal with RMAs and the warranty process. But sometimes it’s inevitable. Maybe you didn’t own an Endosnake until recently. Some gun manufacturers need visual proof of defects before a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorizations).

What does this mean?

You need to commute to a gunsmith. Then wait for a firearms inspection and photos which could take more than a day. Worst yet? This costs more than an Endosnake alone! Nevermind finding the time after or before work to do this.

Endosnake owners don’t have this problem. They can take pictures and videos of hard to reach areas and immediately send the proof. And all in the comfort of their homes.

How Endosnake Ensures Informed Second Hand Gun Purchases?

My friend Dan recently found a tricked out AR-15 off Armslist. The plan was simple, we’d do the exchange and head to our favorite gun range.

When we arrived at the meetup, we found the gun looked better in person. Dare I say, a better bargain than anyone thought.

Dan barely examined the gun. He anxiously imagined what he would do with it.

He hastily reached for his cash to finish the exchange.

Until I interrupted and said I wanted to inspect it. I just remembered I carried my Endosnake in my rifle bag.

This irritated Dan a lot! He scolded me for making it needlessly complicated. But after some convincing, he relented.

I ran to my car and grabbed my Endosnake. I came back and assembled everything in minutes. I connected to my Samsung phone, turned on the LED and went to business.

What I discovered was shocking.

The seller didn’t properly seat the barrel to the barrel nut. I also noticed some heat cracking in the bore. The seller shrugged and feigned ignorance.

Dan’s excitement cooled instantly. He became suspicious. What else was this seller hiding?

Dan called it off.

We didn’t go to the range. But he apologized for being mad and thanked me by buying dinner at a great BBQ place.

Dan was lucky this time, because I was there. He knew he can’t rely on me and luck. So he asked me about my Endosnake. The price delighted him and he ordered one himself.

Now he knows how to inspect guns when he buys one.

How Much Does the Endosnake Cost?

The Endosnake is a small investment that gives you peace of mind which is priceless.

It’s an investment that ensures a well-tuned and reliable gun. Which also means a more accurate shot.

It’s an investment to inspect gun purchases, which ensures you don’t have any nasty surprises afterwards.

It pays itself off in ONE gun inspection.

What kind of investment is this? It’s a great bargain.

Best yet? You can get it for a discount.

The Endosnake doesn’t cost $30,000.

It doesn’t cost $3000.

Not even $300.

Endosnake costs only $69.99. But you can get it TODAY for $55.99 at a 20% DISCOUNT.

How did we arrive at this price? What’s the catch?

It’s simple, we don’t have a huge budget with a boutique firm, so we have more margin. We rely on word to mouth and a fair price. That’s it! And so far, it’s working!

Buy an Endosnake now, and we will sweeten the deal. We will include:

A FREE Hook, Magnet and Mirror attachments. Lose something in a hard to reach place? Use these attachments to retain lost items. ($___ value).

FREE 20 Little Known Marksmanship Ebooks by Forgotten WW1 & WW2 Snipers ($150 value).

Endosnake has a 90 day money-back guarantee with free shipping.

There is just a limited stock of EndoSnakes available. Click the button below and order yours now before it's too late. As a bonus Endosnake is currently 20% OFF!


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