DWJ Magazine Germany

Our friends from Germany have rated the #endosnake #borescope as a "must-have"

Small Arms Review

Wow! @smallarmsreview lives up to the name with a multi-page review of our #endosnake #borescope - we are so honoured and thankful.

Featured in ABC News!

Tech Time Feature by Francie Black!

“You can see it's clear, it's a clear really good picture, in this case you can actually see the writing through the plastic but if there were mold or something inside of a container you could see it.”
“Here's one where it's going down the sink if you lose your ring you or a gem off of your ring, it's waterproof so you can see down your pipes...”
“Here it is working on a car okay engine and it attaches to a mobile device so you can see what's going on underneath...”
“A lot of people use it to check their gun barrels it's actually a really popular for cleaning those...”

We went to SHOT SHOW!


The Game Changer Smallest Borescope went live at Shot Show, Watch how it went out!
We had a great time and we meet a lot of good friends of ours, we are very grateful for all their support!

Cornell Publications Newsletter

Old Guns And Other Stuff

The good folk at Cornell Publications published an article about endonake, check them out!
“The camera is attached to a WIFI transmitter. You set your smartphone to the WIFI channel and open the "Mo-View" app on your phone and this is what you get... couldn't be simpler. You can take movies or stills and save them on your camera and it all fits in your pocket, great for gun shows.”