HOw this one easy-to avoid firearm maintenance Mistake *almost* Got him Labeled as “A LYING SCAMMER”

My friend Bobby was an amateur tinkerer, and he wanted to build an AR-15. But he knew he wasn’t experienced enough, so he went pre-built.

Bobby settled on a new M&P15, because many forums, blogs and Youtubers recommended it.

Bobby explained to me Smith & Wesson test fires their guns, so you know a new one is good. He didn’t want the potential headaches of a used gun. Bobby planned on reselling his M&P15 when he “upgraded”, so he took great pains to clean and maintain it.

As you’re about to learn, good intention means nothing.

After a few months, Bobby outgrew the M&P15. Bobby always talked about the research he did on AR-15 parts. Bobby even bought some parts early, which I scolded him for.

Then Bobby put his M&P15 up for sale. He’d find a buyer who was a friend of friends.

The buyer owned a M&P15 himself too, and he wanted to buy one for his son.

It was a short and headache free exchange with the buyer. I would know, because I was there during the exchange.

A week passes, and Bobby hears nothing from the buyer. There shouldn’t be any problem, right? So Bobby bought more parts for his AR-15.

Then 2 weeks later, Bobby got a nasty voicemail. The buyer accused him of being a LYING SCAMMER.

The buyer explained the rifle felt off, and the accuracy was unlike his own M&P15.

The buyer took the rifle to a Gunsmith and discovered heat cracks at the throat. The cracks scraped the bullets which caused copper fouling. This meant a loss in accuracy.

Bobby was livid, why did the buyer take so long to test? Besides he already spent the money!

Bobby tried to reason with the buyer. He told the buyer it wasn’t intentional, because he was a new gun owner. Bobby even offered to pay for repairs.

He talked s**t about Bobby to everyone he knew. Even I heard from the buyer.

After this, they came to a compromise. Bobby gave the buyer a replacement barrel, meant for his new AR-15. It was more expensive than the stock one.

Bobby’s rep was never the same with the local gun owners now.

Someone Bobby knew since High School admits he’d hesitate buying from Bobby. This really stung!

The lesson here?

Having an inspection tool doesn’t just protect yourself from bad gun purchases. it ensures both parties get a fair deal, helps avoid pain of disappointment.

It cuts BOTH ways.

Bobby’s mistake? He didn’t get a gunsmith inspection or a borescope.

Bobby thought he cleaned and maintained a new gun fine. What could go wrong?


Bobby was cheap, and he made mistakes.

Who knows what would have happened if Bobby didn’t resell the M&P15 and stayed clueless.

Me personally? I saw it as a lesson. So I learned from his mistake.

I’d discover Endosnake, an affordable smartphone borescope. It cost about a single hour inspection. So I don’t have to take my firearm for barrel inspections often.

The Endosnake is pretty portable. If I ever buy a firearm in the future, I will take it with me.

It didn’t take much to convince Bobby to do the same. He doesn’t want to be hit with the same painful accusation again.

It didn’t take much to convince Bobby to do the same. He doesn’t want to be hit with the same painful accusation again.

I tell you this, so you don’t make Bobby’s mistake and save yourself some grief. It doesn’t cost much to prevent it.

Repairing a reputation is more expensive than trips to a gunsmith or an Endosnake.

Warren Buffett said it best, "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it”.

Obviously Bobby’s situation wasn’t as extreme. But it’s a terrible feeling, being called a scammer. Especially when you sell in good faith.

So at minimum, get yourself an Endosnake to ensure your own personal safety, to ensure safe purchases and to protect your reputation.


At $ 55.99, it’s less than an hour with a gunsmith. But you can use it whenever you want, which means it will pay itself off in no time.

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