8 out 10 Pro Shooters Agree: You Need This - Even If You're Not Planning On Fighting Off 299 Mafia Hitmen

Did you know that movie character John Wick has a higher kill count than horror icons Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th and Micheal Myers of Halloween….combined?

The Wick trilogy so far has amassed a staggering body count of 299 bad guys in its wake. That’s more than Voorhees at 157 and Myers at 140.

And despite a few bad guys kicking it due to knives (and a pencil) …most of them were due to well-placed double taps.

Now of course the Wick films have grossed a robust $500 million at the box office and turned Wick into America’s favorite modern-day gunslinger hellbent on avenging his murdered puppy.

But to the avid gun enthusiasts, the Wick Trilogy is viewed with a far more nuanced, analytical eye.

Stance, draw, tactical reloads, opposite hand firing, ammunition count, optics, room clearing….you name it and we can break down what’s factual versus fictional for hours.

But what’s undeniable is that the fictional Wick knows his signature weapon-the Heckler & Koch P30L-inside and out.

And more than likely maintained a precise cleaning and calibration routine to take care of the tools of his trade prior to taking his vengeance out on the criminal underworld. The real world is no different, however-

Whether you’re an experienced gunsmith, competitive shooter, avid hunter or everyday carry and 2A advocate, it’s critical your weapon systems don’t fail you when you need them the most.

That’s why having the right tools is just as important as having the right tactics.

On a recent hunting trip to Montana, Robert Cunningham awoke earlier than his two sons and was going through his usual equipment and supply check.

As a Vietnam veteran, he knew the value of having your gear properly accounted for and began a pre-hunt inspection on his beloved Winchester Model 70 rifle.

The air was unusually thick that autumn Montana morning. He could feel the condensation on his Winchester-which he kept in his tent with him overnight out of the case.

The weather conditions alarmed Robert. He had spent summers training in the humid rolling hills and ranges of Quantico, VA and spent 3 tours traversing the jungles of Vietnam with the same weapon.

He knew humidity was his silent enemy- the moisture and temperature fluctuations could result in a flash rust to the internal nomenclature of his rifle.

But like most men of his caliber-he had the right tools to make sure his gear was 100% squared away.

That morning he was able to visually inspect and clear the internal condition of his rifle bore within a matter of seconds WITHOUT having to take apart and disassemble his rifle.

  • This added more time to his trip.
  • It added more quality time with his sons.
  • And it contributed to the timing of them taking down a majestic 12 point buck later in the day.

Most of all he has the peace of mind that when he needs to confirm the internal condition of his bore, he can do it instantly with one of his favorite tools- the EndoSnake Borescope.

He simply connects the 3.9MM camera to his smartphone and right away has access to view the internal bore condition of his rifle. Each and every land and groove can be viewed in high quality, crisp 720P resolution. With such precision, you can:

  • Detect defects in real time.
  • Ensure the safety of yourself, your family, friends and colleagues.
  • Save hundreds of dollars in costly inspections and thousands in restorations.

Endosnake Viper 3.9 Borescope

The EndoSnake is a multi-purpose tool however not just limited to firearms. It’s the smallest smartphone inspection camera available on the market today and can be utilized in a variety of industrial and commercial settings.

Take for instance Dave Rowe, a former Air Force mechanic now working for a private airline. Dave always took pride in being able to troubleshoot and fix mechanical issues. Especially ones his peers couldn’t seem to solve.

One day he was informed a co-worker had accidentally dropped his wedding ring inside a gun bore that was under repair. Whoops!

Not only was the internal mechanical integrity of the $40 million plane compromised by a foreign metal object, but his coworkers wife was going to have some serious questions where his wedding ring was!

Utilizing his 15ft EndoSnake Borescope with LED lights, Dave was able to isolate the exact location of the wedding ring and capture real time images of the position on his Android smartphone. With the simple help of one of Endosnake's Attachments, Dave was able to recover the ring and divert a disaster.

  • This saved his fellow mechanics countless hours of labor going on a scavenger hunt to disassemble the entire Gun Mount to locate the ring.
  • It saved thousands of dollars by getting the aircraft in the air with 100% safety check off instead of being grounded.
  • It saved very awkward conversation Dave’s co-worker would have had to have with his wife!

Dave is known as “MacGyver” by his co-workers. It’s not that he’s any more talented, its that he simply has better tools to get the job done more quickly with less effort. And he has used his EndoSnake to fix the sink at his house, his elderly neighbor’s vehicles, and even inspect the insulation behind the walls of a second property he was thinking of purchasing.

These are just a few examples of what the Endosnake Borescope can do. Over 59,000 customers have also become a part of the EndoSnake family and are using their products in the field, on the range, and in their homes. The EndoSnake Boroscope have been featured in Guns and Ammo and ABC News.

The team behind Endosnake wants you to try the EndoSnake Boroscope-risk free for 90 days and with 100% satisfaction.

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If you are an iPhone or iPad user, because Apple designed their devices differently, you will need to connect wirelessly, using an inexpensive "WiFi Box" addon module sold separately.

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