TRUE BLUE Gun Cleaner

  • Performance based
  • 100% Bio-degradable
  • 100% Water Soluble
  • Non-toxic and environmentally safe.
  • Removes carbon build up.
  • Safe on all metals, plastic, neoprene and coatings used in firearms
  • Low scent
  • Proven ultrasonic and submersion tank ready concentrate with a 10:1-15:1 ratio
  • We don’t re-brand another companies chemicals or solvents and call it our formula!!
  • You will be impressed. It is the best in its category (water soluble cleaners)

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TRUE BLUE Gun Cleaner by Dumonde Tech is another performance based product for the use of cleaning all guns, firearms and knives.

Just as all of our other products lines, TRUE BLUE Gun Cleaner was developed to be aggressive, efficient and high performance, yet safe on all parts of a firearm and knife.

Breaks down oils, greases and carbon build up. It leaves nothing behind so applying our TRUE BLUE Gun Oil or Gun Grease is essential for corrosion and oxidation protection.

TRUE BLUE Gun Cleaner is an efficient cleaner to break down and flush away grease, oils, dirt, dust and break up carbon.

in submersion or ultrasonic gun cleaning tanks, breaks down oils, grease and carbon leaving no oil film on the top solution like other brands do. Efficient, no linger odors or smells.

Recommended ratio is 10:1 – 15:1 means it is very cost effective. Other brands sell bulk Ready-to Use for around the same price as our Concentrate adding proven better performance.

This is where the uniqueness of Dumonde Tech’s MRCC technology really starts to differentiate itself from all other brands!

Order a cleaning kit, TRUE BLUE Gun Oil + Gun Cleaner!

Paintball, Airsoft and Airguns, TRUE BLUE Gun Oil keeps o-ring pliable for optimal seal. No dieseling. We do not need redundant products to do the same function.

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