Endosnake Portable STEM Endoscope

We transformed the big, heavy borescope into a small, simple gadget that anyone can use easily! It's a fantastic present for young scientists or engineers who are just starting out!

✨ Easy-to-use portable endoscope
✈️ Bring it out to family adventures
💪 Involve your kids in a new, healthy hobby

Length of Endosnake

Turn "screen time" into STEM time!



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
JR Taggart

This is an amazing product that does exacy what the makers claim it will do. The wifi adapter makes the use of this so much easier. I bought all the adapters and am very glad I did. I would highly recommend this to anyone. If gou are looking at this and contemplating buying it, just go ahead and buy it, it works great! I give this product a hellyeah!

Miles L McClain
Excellent Customer Service

My first scope stopped working minutes after I started using it. I contacted the customer service group by email and followed their instructions including providing photographs. They quickly replaced the faulty camera/scope. It now works perfectly. I use mine on a motorcycle I am rebuilding. I was able to check the gas tank and cylinders so far. Take photographs and video to assist me. Could not be happier!

David R. Smyth

Okay, I'm a techie. Worked with computers since 1979. Yes, I'm old, but ordered the 3.9 mm endosnake along with the option of getting the 5.5 and 8 mm scopes, and of course the WiFi adapter. Had some Christmas money! WHAT A PRODUCT! Easy to set up, easy to use. Downloaded the Windows app and connected to the scope right away on my laptop. Then I scoped my first pistol within minutes of setting up on my phone. So easy to use. The product for the costs is tremendous. The uses are limited to only your imagination.