EndoSnake™ 2.0 5.5mm WiFi Endoscope Cam


Now you can inspect and explore hard to reach areas
with this wireless endoscope inspection camera!


Awesome Gadget.
Making Life Easier.

After huge success of our Android Only EndoSnake™ and a lot of requests for iOS version, we can proudly announce our new wireless EndoSnake™ 2.0 for all operating systems.
A lot of professionals had great feedback on our wired cam, when they were inspecting and exploring hard to reach areas. Plumbers, electricians, mechanics and others use it on daily basis.
Improved 720P HD resolution with well known durable construction are just some of features that users of our EndoSnake™ 2.0 like.

We highly recommend this product to all of our friends and customers as an essential phone gadget for many situation. This easy-to- use endoscope cam is perfect gadget to have in your home, car or office. 

Save money on professional inspections.
Avoid paying $100's, even thousands of dollars for expensive borescopes with EndoSnake™

How Much You Will Save With EndoSnake™:

✓ Gun Inspections – about $90 per hour

✓ Vehicle Inspecting – about $250 per visit

✓ Home inspection – about $800 per single inspection

Total Value: $1,140/single inspection


The costs of neglecting timely inspection might be even higher:

✓ Repair damaged firearm - $250 to $1,000

✓ Vehicle engine repair - $1,000 to $4,000

✓ Common home repairs - $1,000 to $7,000

Total Value: Up to $12,000

Get Yours 40 Inches Long EndoSnake™ For Only

$39.99 USD


This Mini Wi-Fi Endoscope uses optoelectronic technology to get you into hard-to-reach areas. You can now easily inspect spaces that were previously off-limits to you, and required paying by the hour, or spending hundreds on industrial borescopes. With EndoSnake, you can even record videos and take photos with unobstructed view no matter how you angle your camera.

EndoSnake camera can capture the image and take a video that is directly stored on your Android mobile phone. This endoscope provides intelligent illumination enhancement control, regulated by 6 LED lights with brightness regulator wheel.

The small diameter allows the endoscope to be used in a number of specialized inspection areas, making it multifunctional and highly effective tool.


Using the EndoSnake is
as Easy as 1-2-3:


Download the free Software APP


Connect your phone to EndoSnake Wi-Fi


Start viewing what you want immediately!


Capture images and record videos that will automatically be stored on your phone. Notes: Make sure that your phone supports Android System and OTG function, and your phone camera is compatible with UVC.


Vehicle Inspection with EndoSnake™

The following areas can be easily checked with EndoSnake™:

  • Gearbox
  • Bearings
  • Turbocharger
  • Cylinders
  • Pistons
  • Timing chain


Weapon Inspection with EndoSnake™

Our customers love using EndoSnake to:

  • Inspect new and used guns before purchasing
  • Check that bore has been properly cleaned
  • Check for wear and tear of the internal parts
  • Identify areas of fouling in the barrel
  • Inspect barrels for defects
  • Inspect insides of cases, lug recesses, etc.

With EndoSnake you will save time and money on frequent gun inspections, which could cost up to $50 per hour, and prolong the life of your firearm.


Home Inspection with EndoSnake™

EndoSnake is a handy tool for the following home inspections, usually worth several hundred dollars each:

  • Mold inspection
  • Residential video sewer inspection
  • Ventilation inspection

Timely mold discovery and elimination is essential to ensure a healthier and happier life for your family.

Specifically made waterproof cameras allow a visual inspection of sewer lines and other pipes that are underground or in your home’s foundation. You can accurately diagnose any drain line concerns, avoiding spending tons of money on technicians.


Reliable & Durable.
Waterproof & Weatherproof.



Alarm Action: FTP Photo
Technology: Pinhole
Sensor: CMOS
Dimensions (L x W x D)(mm): (Dia*L)5.5*5000MM
Power Consumption(W): Power Supply 5V DC via USB
High Definition: 0.3 Megapixels
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7,Windows Vista,Windows 98,Windows 8,Windows XP, Mac OS
Supported Mobile Systems: Android, iOS
Connectivity: USB
Special Features: Waterproof / Weatherproof
Audio Output: 1CH BNC
Power Supply(V): 5V DC
Lens (mm): 5.5mm
Viewing Angle (Degree): 67

Package Includes:
1 x USB Endoscope
1 x Small Hook
1 x Side Audition
1 x CD Driver

1 x Micro to USB line
1 x User Manual

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Money-Saving Device For Every Homeowner – Save Thousands Yearly!

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