Nurse Looks into a Night Vision Binoculars, and What She Saw Freaks Her Out

Angela Kaspar was a nurse who got off a late shift and a colleague dropped her off that night. She was looking after her parent’s home, looking after their pet cat Luna. It was in a nice suburban neighbourhood near Boise, Idaho for 2 weeks.

She was surfing the net that night to decompress. Then the power went out. Ruth thought little of it, since it was late.

She stumbled around in the darkness, using her hands to guide herself to the stairs so she could go to bed.

Then she heard a squeaking sound, like it was from an animal around the door. The more she listened to it, the more her imagination ran wild. It might be someone. She tried to access her front door cameras on her phone, forgetting the power was out.

As each second passed by, the sound got more aggressive and loud. Like someone was prying the door. She then remembered her father's favorite night vision binoculars and grabbed it from the cabinet with the help of her iPhone’s light.

Angela snuck towards the window near the door to look outside. When she turned on the binoculars and put it in front of her eyes, pure dread finally hit her.

There was a man trying to break in. She almost let out a scream that would have alerted the burglar. So she clicked the capture video button to get a better look at the man’s face to view later.

The stranger would later identified by police as a repeat offender, who was out on parole for multiple armed burglaries.

The amusing thing? The stranger couldn’t see Angela through the window because it was pitch dark. She would continue to watch and dial 911. She could see him, while he couldn’t. It was like she was invisible.

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You can use the NightSnake to look for pets at night, see during power failures, and even spot burglars that try to break into your property.

It not only lets you see in pitch darkness, it can record footage in night vision too. Especially those times that you feel something goes bump in the night. It’s a great way to ensure it isn’t your imagination!

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