This pocket-sized multipurpose inspection camera is bright, powerful and waterproof.


Ever wondered what it's like... to get your firearm inspected by a professional?

I was shocked when I heard about this device.

In fact, my experiences with buying used guns were almost a complete DISASTER thanks to various troubles...

The culprit? Faulty parts and poorly-maintained pieces that gobbled up most of my budget!

Luckily, by the time it came to that next big purchase...

There was still enough money left to inspect the firearms I was about to purchase with a revolutionary new device!

Here's how it looked with the new firearm I *almost* bought:

Want to find out how I pulled off this BIG REVEAL....

Without blowing hundreds, even thousands on expensive gear or a pricey gunsmith?

Then you'll start glowing too... when you meet:

EndoSnake Smartphone Borescopes

This portable LED lighted camera solution gave my firearms ALL of the inspection power they needed...

And the results were unexpected... for way less than I might expect.

And I had it all explained in a matter of minutes by my friend Bryan.

Bryan dropped by the house on the final day with a couple of these "point and inspect" use anywhere tiny cameras...

And became my new hero!

What Is the EndoSnake Smartphone Borescopes by EndoSnake?

The EndoSnake Smartphone Borescopes by EndoSnake is a durable, long-lasting 'use anywhere' LED illuminated camera that inspects places that you usually can't reach, including trucks, firearms, cars, garages, pipes, vents, drains, etc.

On first glance, the EndoSnake Borescope seemed legit... but I decided to reserve my judgement until I could see it in action.

In less than 2 minutes, Bryan hooked up the EndoSnake to my phone and inspected my rifle for me!

Plus two more shotguns, and a pistol back to back. That was a total inspection time of less than 5 minutes per firearm, if you're doing the math! I didn't have to take a lengthy trip to the gunsmith, or even take the guns apart.

"That's the beauty of ‘point and shoot’" Bryan laughed.

As I observed my smartphone, the camera was crystal clear and I could see inside my firearm's bore.

Wow... what a difference they made:

I could see easily all the fouling and pitting inside the barrels. And that's where the convenience and cost savings come in.

You get just the perfect line of sight- when you need it- to inspect a firearm or the engine of a truck.

Without ever needing to turn on the a flashlight or call in a specialist.

I've said it once, I'll say it again. The ‘point and shoot’ simplicity is awesome.

I take a couple photos to prove it:

Inspectors hate this light!

Bryan said with a smirk on his face. I can see why. Anyone can start using these EndoSnake Smartphone Borescopes in seconds...

  • No expensive borescopes to buy or rent
  • No more guesswork
  • No pricey inspectors to call

For a firearm fella like me, this was great news. That professional the family had on speed dial? The one that charges $99/hour?

He was kicked off the set.

Bryan said the EndoSnake Smartphone Borescope saves his clients so much money, they use the cash they save to buy other toys.

Now That's A Bright Idea!

Bryan took me aside and warned me that there are a lot of 'knock off' versions of these cameras.

He then shared 5 reasons why EndoSnake Smartphone Borescope by EndoSnake is the only inspection camera he trusts for his inspection needs.

I added bullet points and a diagram Bryan gave me, so it's easier for you to see:

5 Things That Make The Endosnake Better:

  • The smallest diameter: at just 3.9mm there's no other smartphone borescope on the market that comes close
  • Quality You Can See: The high-end fit and finish and packaging makes them more durable and stylish than other cheap units out there that come in a plastic bag
  • Camera you can inspect with: Ultra-High quality 720p. Allow you to actually inspect and clean those firearms you’ve needed to clean for a long time.
  • Lots of positive reviews from magazines, radio and television, as well as famous YouTubers and Instagram celebrities
  • Ironclad guarantee: 90-day money back, One year warranty, and a veteran-owbed company leaves you in good hands

Bryan hustled outside to quickly inspect more. This time he inspected the truck engine.

Bryan calls this "no fight inspection". These days, modern cars and trucks have so many hard to reach places that you need to disassemble half of the vehicle just to get to it!

Putting this flexible camera in a car or a truck can help anyone find the perfect fix in seconds...

Without breaking the bank.

I take a couple photos to prove it:

Here's some other cool places Bryan inspected:

So... Can Anyone Afford The EndoSnake Smartphone Borescope by EndoSnake?

I asked Bryan how much I need to budget to get this revolutionary smartphone borescope...

And braced myself for sticker shock. To my great surprise, the investment was much, much lower than I expected.

It gave me so much wiggle room in my budget, I can now afford more amazing toys!

And I was still under budget!

The Endosnake Smartphone Borescope by Endosnake is the real deal. It's built to last, ridiculously easy to install & use, and ultra affordable.

And, as you've seen for yourself, the results are breathtaking.

My rating: 5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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