Incredible Pocket Borescopes Are "Hottest Item" of The Year

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Do you ever shoot your gun? Or do you ever let your spouse and kids fire it, too?

Did you ever see a firearms-related accident?

Are you certain the condition of your weapon is 100% perfect? There's no erosion or fouling, micro-cracks, manufacturing defects inside?

If you're like us, the safety of you and your family is probably your #1 concern. So what do you do to keep them safe? Buy expensive gear, clean your guns regularly, pray to God?

Those are all good ideas, but you can't always be 100% certain they will work all the time. Which is why we're so excited about this new EndoSnake™ borescope for smartphones that's just been released.



You know how you had to go to a special lab to get them to inspect your gun with an industrial borescope, or pay hundreds of dollars to purchase your own?

Now you can buy your own pocket version for a few bucks, plug it into your smartphone and do your own inspection. You'd have the ability to see the smallest of faults and detect early signs of anything unsafe with the push of a button.


That's what you get with the new EndoSnake™ borescope cam.



The truth is, most people underestimate the importance of owning this brilliant device. And these days, in a world where guns and ammo of subpar quality are becoming the norm, it's more important than ever to have the right gear.

This device's incredible optical technology is used by serious competition shooters, antique weapons collectors, rare gun dealers and now it's been placed inside of an amazing cam called the EndoSnake™ Borescope. And the best thing is, its use is not limited to just guns - it's perfect for engine repair, electrical and plumbing work, HVAC, you name it...

With Over 20,000 Sold This Month, People Are Talking:

"I can't believe they're giving this away for 50% off"

"The really good thing about your borescope is that it will show you the source of barrel problems and also potential problems before they ruin your scores

I lent mine to a good friend who after rebarreling his 6BR norma rifle, with a very spendy custom tube, was eeing groups significantly worse tha his old barrel was delivering. A look with the scope revealed that the barrel had gone out without being lapped at all -- this from a company that touts the benefits of their precision hand lapped match barrels. Without the scope he never would have been able to make his case for a new (free) barrel. Apparently this was a barrel made on the day before a 3 day weekend or something.

I've also personally inspected barrels that the owners claimed were clean as could be (they looked in them using bore light) using wonder brushless chemicals and/or nylon brushes. A quick peek with the scope revealed a lot of copper fouling still in the grooves of the rifling. This a real problem in ARs since the gas port tends to strip copper like mad. A bore light just reflected the shine back to the eye without revealing what metal in the bore was shining. A bore light only shows up themost egregious pitting and/or lands fouling anyway."

"I bought one for myself and one for my brother"

"but seriously, I have found after more than 50 years shooting much of it in various competitions, that if you are going to lay out the $$$ for height quality barrels, it will be stupid not to know what is happening inside them. If you just want a cheap gun to go bang and flash and scare the crows away---never mind looking at what you are doing to--or not doing for the barrel"

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