How Serious Hunters Protect Their Property, Crops and Livestock from Varmint, Critters, and Vandals at Night Without Breaking the Bank.


My dogs freaked out and woke me up. I could hear the livestock make noise outside.

I grabbed my rifle and flashlight and headed out to scan the field. My dog bolts right through the door and heads towards the goats.

With my flashlight, I could make out two coyotes.

In retrospect, I was being idiotic. But I was running on adrenaline and didn’t think clearly. Why?

Who knows how many coyotes there were. A large pack could have lured my dogs out and attacked them. Fortunately, it didn’t come to that.

I wouldn’t forgive myself if those two got killed.

But I was still new to managing livestock, so I learned on the go.

Which brings us to varmints.

Varmints are annoying wild animals that can be a minor nuisance to an expensive one. If you’re a farmer, homesteader or live near the countryside, you’ll understand this.

You can have cute little bunnies and racoon cubs eat your crops. Raccoons who mess up your garbage. Weasels who attack your ducks. To a pack of coyotes who feast on your livestock and spread diseases around.

Many varmints are nocturnal. Which means they’re awake and hunt at night.

Such examples include coyotes, weasels, hogs, bobcats, raccoons and foxes

You need to know which varmint, before you trap or hunt it.

A small trap won’t catch the varmint, and one too large might allow them to escape.

Some varmints are more expensive to trap such as packs of feral hogs. You’ll need to rely on ambush tactics instead.

The trouble?

How do you scout for varmints at night, especially during ambushes? Night Vision and Thermal rifle scopes have limited fields of view. And constantly holding a rifle to peer the scope can get pretty tiring on your neck, shoulders, arms and back.

That’s why you need a Night Vision binocular.

Enter the NightSnake.

The NightSnake’s larger field of view means you can see more than a narrow rifle scope. It’s more comfortable to look through binoculars instead of scopes.

NightSnake uses traditional AA batteries, which means they are easy to find, buy and inexpensive to replace.

Unlike other Night Visions binoculars that use a special battery that costs a fortune to replace. And you will have to replace the battery, as all rechargeable batteries have a lifespan.

A fully charged NightSnake will last you around 8 hours. If you need more time, you can swap the batteries with ease. So bring what you need for however long you plan on using it.

NightSnake’s recording function at 6-8 hours means you can leave it running as an improvised game trail camera, if you want to review footage later so you can recon elsewhere with your rifle’s scope.

Your recorded footage means more intel.

What intel?

You learn what animals you might have missed, and how large a pack of coyotes might be.

The NightSnake also covers 300 yards of distance at night, which means you can safely scout, identify and ambush varmints at a safe distance.

It’s IP56 rating means when it gets wet and not worry if it works or not. You can ambush and hunt varmints at night in light rain if need be.

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