How Serious Car Owners Avoid Losing Thousands Using This One Tiny Smart Device.

Are you a busy person, with a busy life? Does your life pretty much depend on your car or truck getting you to where you need to be? You’ve probably got many deadlines, meetings, family gatherings and important errands in the coming days.

We can’t live without our vehicles. What happens, though, if Your car fritz out?

You call up some shops, and it's packed with appointments, because it’s that time of the year where everyone changes out their winter or summer tires.

So you’re stuck with expensive and/or faraway shops.

Even an initial inspection can take several hours, because you need to drive there or have it towed there

If you’re lucky, they can repair it fast.

If not, you need to wait or rent another car. It can snowball into a giant pile of cash.

Both timing and money can be unpredictable here too. And you’ll fall behind in your commitments, which become lost opportunities.

Lost opportunities that could be worth thousands of dollars.

While you can’t always get out of this unscathed. But you can cut some needless fat.


You diagnose the potential problems on your own, so you can get better, more accurate quotes and not get charged for unneeded labor & parts.

Even better, you can do inspections in your free time so a problem never surprises you.

The BIG problem?

Many people don’t want to take apart their car to inspect it. It takes time, and it gets dirty.

But the truth is, you don’t always have to take everything apart. And you can diagnose some problems in minutes.


The Endosnake is a tiny camera on the tip of a long flexible cable, with 6 bright LED lights at its end. It allows you to reach and see in dark and small places.

It’s waterproof and durable, so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet or banging it up.

It works with your smartphone or computer to show you what the camera sees. It even records video and photos. Which means you can send footage to a mechanic for advice.

Suppose you have an oil leak. But is the fuel tank corroded, punctured, or there are bad seals around the fuel injector?

With an EndoSnake’s camera and LEDs, you can easily look under your car.

Let’s say you discover it’s a leaky O-Ring Seal.

You can now find a shop that has the OEM or aftermarket seals that fit.

Now it’s easier for you and the mechanic to plan around repairs. Everything is more predictable now.

Suspect a leaky air conditioner? No need to take the dash apart. Just take out the glove box and feed it through. Now you can check for leaks from your evaporator.

The EndoSnake also comes with attachments, and the most useful one is the mirror.

Here’s how you can use it.

Take out the spark plug and feed the EndoSnake with the mirror inside. You can look up backwards and check the valves on the top of the engine and look for carbon buildup.

You can spot basic module problems like connectors with bent pins or corrosion in tight spots too.

If you see minor green copper corrosion, you can spray with a $10-15 cleaner on the spot.

Instead of paying someone to take out the module and pay $1,000 or more for its replacement!

If you use the EndoSnake proactively, you prevent problems from occurring. So you’ll have more time to shop around for a mechanic, or even repair it yourself.

Time is money. You buy yourself more time for less when you grab an EndoSnake.

A tool like this used to be only available to aviation mechanics and cost thousands of dollars!

Not anymore.

Thanks to the recent breakthrough in the mobile devices technology, You can get an Endosnake for only $54.99

Remember, you can use it anytime, and whenever you feel like it.

Whereas the average detailed car inspection could be $100/hr or more, and you need to book an appointment for that.

Those lost deadlines and meetings because of your bum car? They’re lost opportunities worth thousands of dollars.

All because you couldn’t spend a few minutes with an EndoSnake to diagnose it.

So discover the problem dead in its tracks and don’t let problems sneak up on you again with an Endosnake.

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Limited Time Promo

Order Your EndoSnake Binocular Today!

MSRP: $69.99.

$55.99 Today.

Save 20% on Your EndoSnake + Free Shipping

Yes! I want it!

Become a part of 40,000 happy customers of EndoSnake.