how to maintain your weapons

So they always perform best in any situation

1.This method will work even if you never cleaned your gun

The VSO Gun Channel just put 6,000 rounds through an AR barrel, and then cleaned it back to perfection - watch the video to see exactly how they did it quick & easy!

2.Are You Making These Mistakes?

Endosnake interviews Charles Taylor, a Hollywood Master Armorer and Gunsmith of 30 years from Movie Armaments Group, who worked on guns for movies like RED, Suicide Squad, Robocop and many, many others, explains:

  • Find out what are the most common problems with firearms he has seen
  • What happens when you fire blanks instead of live ammo
  • How to keep your weapons in the best condition for maximum reliability and accuracy

3.You Don't Need Fancy Cleaning Tools

Precision shooter and master reloader VaughnPrecision teaches his "Brushless" method:

  • As a side note set your resolution & framerate on the camera app to get a picture as sharp as this!

4.You Can Teach an Old Gun New Tricks

A seasoned hunter, outdoorsman and master reloader shares his secrets for keeping his vintage and historic guns as good as new

5.How To Clean even a 95-year old rifle in 6 easy steps

Is there a serious gun owner who hasn’t given a little wipe & lube on their guns for a quick touch-up?

The whole idea behind EndoSnake is that gun owners shouldn’t have to be slaves to dozens of different cleaning and care products—especially if it's hard to see the difference in results.

You should be able to see what works and what doesn't, and then simplify your maintenance routine, to pare down to just a few items that allow you to keep your arsenal at its best. That’s why we originally created EndoSnake line of borescopes — so that you can easily see inside your guns and know if it's good to go or not.

Chad Christopher from GreenLightShooting is an EndoSnake lover!

Chad believes in keeping their firearms in top-notch state ready to go. When asked what is in their EDC Carry bag, many serious shooters said, “EndoSnake: It’s an all-in-one field-expedient tool great to have on the range, at the garage or out and about.”


The smallest borescope + 5.5, 8mm addons + wifi box

At EndoSnake, we say “Save Hundreds on Inspections” - and Our line of borescope cameras is a super multitasker tool that can replace a lot of things in your EDC Carry bag CHECK OUR NEW PRODUCTS

EndoSnake borecopes come in tactical EVA carrying cases that can fit in the palm of your hand. They are exclusively sold on the EndoSnake website.

EndoSnake Viper 3.9 is world's smallest smartphone borescope that fits even in .22's and AR-15s; EndoSnake Trifecta Kit adds two more borescopes with 5.5mm and 8mm lenses with wider field of view for larger bores; and EndoSnake Quad Kit adds a 7mm camera on top of the Trifecta to cover you in any situation

Game Changer EndoSnake Viper 3.9mm BORESCOPE



Trifecta kit: Add a 5.5mm and 8mm Endosnakes with wider lenses



Quad Kit: Add a 5.5mm, 7mm and 8mm Endosnakes



Our founder, Greg, created our original EndoSnake concept design. As an infantry soldier for 19 years, Greg had spent a lot of time cleaning various service weapons from pistols to heavy machine guns.

“The biggest problem always been inspecting the weapons after firing,” Greg remembers. “At first glance, it might look OK in the daylight, but if you really know where dirt and carbon likes to hide, you keep finding more and more.”

Long before Greg founded EndoSnake, he had two very successful careers—first as a soldier, reaching the position of Sergeant-Major, and then as an award-winning digital marketer.

He went into this business after nearly two decades in the military, and Greg wanted to create something he would want in his own everyday carry kit. And so it happened, he saw an unmet need among the AR-15 community where there was no other affordable inspection tool that would fit the 5.56 barrel. We are proud to say: we succeeded. The EndoSnake 3.9mm is the world's smallest smartphone borescope, capable of accomplishing the mission and at a very affordable price.

Our purpose is in the hundreds and thousands of men and women worldwide who take pride in their firearms, and use the EndoSnake to take good care of them.

“Today, it makes our day when we receive thanks from our customers whom we helped to avoid getting ripped off when buing firearms or avoid harm and injury from hidden malfunction and defects.”


The smallest borescope + 5.5, 8mm addons + wifi box

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The smallest borescope + 5.5, 8mm addons + wifi box


The smallest borescope + wifi box + True Blue Gun Oil & Gun Cleaner

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