EndoSnake, as featured in CES 2020

A top 20 Rated Gadget



We want to share our excitement with you!

A True Multitool!

EndoSnake fits easily anywhere you need it to, Gun Bores, house crevices and HVAC installations, as well as any hard to reach places inside you car so you never have to pay for costly inspections again!
Usage is incredible easy, install the app then connect the EndoSnake!
Endosnake comes with several tools at your disposal:
  • A hook for reaching lost objects
  • A mirror to look at angles you couldn't see before
  • A magnet to recover lost items in very hard to reach places

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Reaching milestones

EndoSnake was featured at CES 2020 this year, this is a huge milestone for us, where we can show you everything we've achieved so far and appreciate all of your support towards us.
We have big plans moving forwards so we're happily waiting so see it through along with you and all the veterans, gun owners & gun enthusiasts that support us in this endeavor!


See a live demonstration feature at ShowStoppers CES 2020 from our friend journalist Jared and see how truly small EndoSnake Viper really is and the smallest places it can fit into!
We are very grateful we've got to be featured by great enthusiasts so we can show you all the awesome things EndoSnake is capable of!

We wouldn't be here without you so thank you!

Rated one of the top 20 Gadgets at CES 2020!

“Think of it as every DIYer geeks wet dream: A borescope kit specific to smartphones, the world’s smallest. Forget those days of foraging through hardware store aisles, mixing and matching for something that will help your component set-up. The 3.9mm diameter pinhole lets you look inside tight spaces, and whether system components, checking plumbing issues at home or going hands-on with your F150, this will be your tool of choice. Well done!”

What are people around the world saying?

“This new endoscope is presented as the perfect solution to inspect pipes in your home, vehicles and even firearms. The company's motto is to provide more security to all its users, giving them the perfect tool for successful inspections.”

Featured by CBS News Radio

Listen to the interview from CBS News Radio and get a glimpse of what EndoSnake means to us!