Meet the 300 Yard Night Vision Binoculars.

The Most Forgotten Bug-Out Kit Tool.

Dear Outdoorsman and Preppers,

The tools you have and use in your kit could save your life.

If your life is at stake, what you carry is what you depend on.

What might shock you is which tools are important.

What do you think of, when I mention survival and hunting? Most say a good knife and gun. But do not neglect night vision binoculars!

Why are they important?


You can spot threats or intruders before they’re a danger to you, look for trails so you won’t get lost or ensure the way ahead is open and safe.

And in complete darkness, when you’re most vulnerable. Don’t forget many dangerous animals are nocturnal, such as hogs and coyotes.

It allows you to avoid problems that would require more tools and precious bullets.

The NightSnake from EndoSnake will earn its place as an invaluable tool.

As you know, we sell gear to hunters and shooters. As hunters and shooters ourselves, we also noticed many people overlook optics.

It’s true night vision rifle scopes can spot things from afar, but night vision binoculars do it better because it has a greater field of view.

This field of view means you can scout and spot things faster, because you see more. This saves your time and ensures you react fast should danger approach you.

The NightSnake can record footage too.

Did something distract you while using the NightSnake?

You might have missed something.

Maybe a threat headed in a certain direction? No problem, you can review your footage to verify your suspicions.

That’s why having night vision binoculars is important, it prevents problems, and even turns the night to your advantage.

NightSnake - The Night Vision Binoculars.

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Observe people or animals 300 yards like it’s day time

Very Mobile comes with a lanyard

IP56 Rating, which means it’s waterproof and dustproof.

Multi-coated Optic Lenses so you can see with greater sharpness, in real-time or in recorded footage.

Can mount to a tripod so you can record night vision footages for review or to show hunts to your friends and family.

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