NightShade 520HL Tracking Headlamp by

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A lot of technology and design went into this light. The center light is a CREE Cyan (520nm) colored LED that is pulse modulated like a laser, but can't cause permanent eye injury. The spectrum of light produced is at the peak response for humans, but detectable to cloven hoof animals and does not draw bugs like a white light. The first mode is a 100 yard spotlight that will run 20 hours on 3AAA's. The 2nd mode is a small white light and the 3rd mode is a low red light. The fourth mode is a directional lantern for tracking, looking for contrasts, and even helps with identifying blood. The red, white, and cyan light is combined at low intensity. So in lantern mode blood can contrast for easier detection. Angling the light up close helps in confirming a blood trail. For signal modes, the double button tap initiates the alternation flash, good for marking a hazard or return location. The triple tap initiates the strobe and flash, which can also be triggered by a single press and release when in flash mode. This flash/strobe mode can be seen line of sight at great distances. The alternating flash/strobe can cause temporary blindness and seizure in those susceptible as well as vertigo and nausea in those intoxicated. Includes AAA batteries (x4)