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10 Must-have Items
For Survival Kit In One Device

OutdoorHero™ is a 10-in- 1 emergency kit, developed to increase your chances of survival when unforeseen happens. Instead of having all the necessary survival items lost in your bag, you will have all the crucial emergency gear in one device, handy and ready to use any minute. OutdoorHero™ is a mainstay of any outdoor activity.

10-in- 1 essentials:

✔ Compass
✔ Fire starter
✔ Thermometer
✔ Hygrometer
✔ Flashlight
✔ LED Switch
✔ Loud Whistle
✔ Mirror
✔ Level meter gauges
✔ Magnifying glass

OutdoorHero™ is tested to meet the needs in different environments. High strength engineering metal body, rugged and capable of working under extreme weather condition. It’s ideal for camping, hiking, mountaineering, hunting, adventures, survival and any emergency situation. 

Why OutdoorHero™

  • Save money by buying just 1 device instead of 10
  • Have all necessary tools handy in case the issue arises

Invest In A Good Survival Kit. It Might Save Your Life.

Lots of tools might come handy when you are in the wilderness. Some tools might get lost or forgotten. But carrying extra gear or tools, especially if they are heavy, is not a way out.

Outdoor survival experts recommend taking a least 2 sets of most important survival tools for extreme adventures. First, you will always have a backup plan if something is lost. Secondly, quick access might be critical in emergency situations.

Best advice for outdoor adventurers is to carry a few survival kits if they are compact and lightweight. Buy OutdoorHero™ & LoudRescue™ 50% OFF and become more confident in your next adventures.

Enhance your chances to be rescued in any situation with handy 7-in- 1 LoudRescue™

LoudRescue™ is an essential emergency tool, consisting of the loud whistle and 6 more must-have survival items: compass, storage compartment, magnifier, thermometer, LED lights and mirror. Perfect emergency kit to be ready when disaster strikes you.

Why LoudRescue™:

  • Money saving: buy 1 device instead of 7 tools
  • Extremely long battery life can save you in case of emergency

Reminder: If you would like to order both survival kits - OutdoorHero™ & LoudRescue™, please select this option in the order form on the top.

Designed by survival experts to give you everything you need for any outdoor adventure

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