Dashcam Reviews for 2016

May 19, 2016 5 min read

For extra security, many drivers now opt for a dual lens dash cam that records what’s going on behind the car as well as what’s happening in front. A dual lens dash cam actually consists of two cameras: A front unit mounted to your windscreen that records the road ahead of you, just like a single channel dash cam would. Additionally, a smaller camera records out of your car’s rear window simultaneously. It connects to the main unit via a long coaxial cable.


Recording two high quality video streams simultaneously with a single device is quite an engineering feat. While there are lots of low-cost solutions on offer, you can be sure that most of them either record low quality video, or won’t last very long, or both.

All of the cameras listed here are currently valued between $200 and $400. For exact up to date prices, please follow the links to Amazon.com and other vendors in the reviews (as prices often change without notice).

What To Look For In A Dual Channel Dash Cam

Video quality of dual lens dash cams has increased a lot in 2015, and 1080p resolution both ways is now all but standard. Additionally, many modern dual cams come with buffered parking mode(allowing you to save footage starting a couple of seconds before an event is detected) and a low-voltage cutoff (also known as battery discharge prevention) for parking mode that protects your car’s battery.

Some dual channel dash cams also support Wi-Fi, especially the ones that don’t have a screen. Wi-Fi allows you to configure the camera using a smart phone or other portable device.

Now have a look at the the five dual channel dash cams that impressed us most over the course of the last year or so:

BlackVue DR650GW-2CH: Long-Time Best Seller

Let’s start the list with our long-time favorite, the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH. With its elegant black cylinder design for both the front and rear cameras, the DR650GW is one of the most discreet dual dash cams around, and continues to be a top seller.

While it’s too small to have its own screen, it does support Wi-Fi so you can configure it via your smart phone or computer. Additional features include GPS, buffered parking mode, a voice menu, and it uses a capacitor instead of a battery for increased durability.

The front camera records 1080p at a bit rate of 9 Mbps, while the rear camera records only 720p at 3Mbps. As a result, the DR650GW’s rear video quality is lower than that of the other cameras featured here, which record 1080p both ways.

Note that there is also a truck version available with a weather proof rear camera that can be mounted on the outside of any vehicle.

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BlackVue DR650GW-2CH feature summary:
Video quality – Good
Reliability – Excellent
Memory capacity: 64GB
Extras: Internal GPS, Wi-Fi, buffered parking mode. Battery discharge prevention (called “Power Magic Pro”) available separately

Vico-Marcus 5: Best Video Quality

As of late 2015, the dual dash cam with the best overall video quality is the Vico-Marcus 5. It features 1080p resolution both ways, at a bit rate of 9 Mbps for each channel (front and rear). A 2.4″ screen makes it easy to configure and operate.

An external GPS module is available optionally if desired, and the camera uses a capacitor instead of a battery, thus improving reliability and heat resistance. The camera supports a buffered parking mode that records a couple of seconds before and after any motion is detected.

On the downside, the Marcus 5 doesn’t support Wi-Fi. Also, the resolution of the LCD screen is not very high, so to view your footage in high quality you need to pass it to a computer with a 1080p screen.

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Vico-Marcus 5 feature summary:
Video quality – Excellent
Reliability – Very Good
Memory capacity: 64GB
Extras: Buffered parking mode. External GPS module available separately

Koonlung K1S: Most Discreet

Number one in the stealth department, the Koonlung K1S features two tiny cameras that connect to a separate recording unit that can be tucked away elsewhere. This makes the K1S the most discreet dual lens dash cam currently available.

The K1S records 1080p front and rear, at a bit rate of 13 Mbps and 9 Mbps, respectively. Video quality is good during the day, and average at night time.

This camera featues a 2.7″ screen on the control unit for ease of use. It has an adapter to connect to your car’s built-in DVD player screen should you have one. A GPS dongle is included. The K1S also features an external “emergency button” that you can place in the driver’s immediate reach, to make it easy to mark video footage for keeping. Parking mode is supported, but unbuffered.

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Koonlung K1S feature summary:
Video quality – Fair
Reliability – Very Good
Memory capacity: 64GB
Extras: Unbuffered parking mode, external GPS module included

Transcend Drive Pro 520: Best Taxi Cam

Those of our readers who work in people transportation have been asking us for a while for a good taxi cam. While there are many mediocre ones around, the Drive Pro 520 is the first taxi cam that deserves our recommendation.

A taxi cam is a dash cam that records the car’s interior as well as the road ahead — so instead of facing out the rear window, this camera’s rear lens looks into the car’s passenger cabin.

The Drive Pro 520’s front lens records at 1080p, and the rear camera at 720p. While 720p isn’t much for filming traffic on the road, it’s enough to clearly see what’s going on in your car’s passenger cabin. The rear lens also has four infrared LEDs, so you’ll also be able to film at night when the interior of your car will probably be dark most of the time.

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Transcend Drive Pro 520 feature summary:
Video quality – Good
Reliability – Good
Memory capacity: 32GB (free card included)
Extras: Wi-Fi, internal GPS

(Note: A previous version of this article featured the Panorama X2 instead of this camera, but the Panorama X2 has been discontinued and is no longer available.)

Lukas LK-7950 WD: Most Technologically Advanced

Released in early 2015, this is the most modern dual channel dash cam on our list, with high video quality and lots of extras. Note that despite its relatively large size, the LK-7950 WD doesn’t have a screen, but can be operated using a smart phone via Wi-Fi. The LK-7950 records 1080p both ways, and its video quality is almost as good as the Vico-Marcus 5’s.

Bit rates are 7 Mbps (front) and 5 Mbps (rear). Features supported include Wi-Fi, buffered parking mode, an OBD-II interface to capture your car’s driving data, and battery discharge prevention to make sure your car’s battery isn’t depleted while on parking mode. An optional external GPS/GLONASS module can be acquired separately.

The LK-7950 WD has higher heat and cold resistance than any other dual dash cam, and at 512GB it also has the highest storage capacity of the cameras listed here.

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LK-7950 WD feature summary:
Video quality – Very Good
Reliability – Good
Memory capacity: 2x256GB
Extras: Wi-Fi, OBD-II, buffered parking mode, battery discharge prevention, best heat/cold resistance. External GPS/GLONASS module available separately


Obviously no size fits all, but our selection will hopefully provide a solution for most people’s needs. In case you haven’t made up your mind yet, try the following checklist:

Do you:

  • Value video quality above all? Then go for the Vico-Marcus 5.
  • Like your dash cam to be as hidden from sight as possible? Take the K1S.
  • Need a taxi cam that films the road ahead and the passenger cabin? The Drive Pro 520 is definitely the best in its niche.
  • Want a time-tested front and rear dash cam with a sleek design? Get the DR650GW-2CH.
  • Prefer an all-rounder with high video quality and all the latest bells and whistles? Then the LK-7950 WD is your best choice.

Now enjoy your new cam, and stay safe on the road!