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ZoomCase™ – The Scooter Suitcase

ZoomCase Color

The Suitcase That Saves You From Missing Your Flight

What if you could ride your suitcase to the airport (and right up to your flight gate)? Would it change the way you travel? ZoomCase™ is the ultra-slick, stylish and highly-versatile travel companion – whether you are getting away for business, for leisure, or for extreme adventuring, ZoomCase™ makes life easier. It’s the scooter, suitcase & luggage trolley, all rolled into one! Ideal for zipping around the airport or scooting around a new city, this 21” suitcase is perfect for getting you where you need to go with ease.

  • 360° Rotating Wheels: Smooth wheels recalibrate instantly to match your movements
  • Instant Pedal Transformation System: ZoomCase™ is skillfully engineered for easy transformation – transform your carry-on suitcase into a 3-wheeled kick-scooter and back in seconds
  • Perfect for Carry-On: ZoomCase™ is crafted with airline weight & size restrictions in mind to make your travels as flawless as ever
  • Light & Spacious: ZoomCase™’s materials are hand-selected to ensure that it is light and easy-to-carry, while providing the optimal amount of storage space for your belongings
  • Waterproof, Highly Durable & Protective: Engineered to withstand real-life durability tests, including year-round weather conditions
  • Alternate Handle: ZoomCase™ has an easy-grip, comfortable handle on the top of the bag, making it convenient to grab & go when the scooter function is not in use
  • Perfect for Organization: Designed with multiple pockets and compartments, making it great for organizing your belongings

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