Universal Luxury mini Selfie Stick

Universal Luxury mini Selfie Stick Monopod tripod for Iphone samsung Android IOS Wired Palo Selfie Groove Camera Para



1. newest unique all-in-one selfie stick
2. extendable monopod with 3.5mm jack cable and remote button for  IOS and Android system. 
3. High quality smooth silicone handle + non-slip soft silicone & hard PVC holder + Rope
4. Compatible with most mobile phone,camera,for IOS or Android over 4.2.2 system!
5.  Eliminate awkward photos taken at arms length with remote build-in shutter on the stick 
6.  Camera Interface: universal 1/4 screw 
7. Unique ball-head for easy adjustment to any angle 
8.  With remote button,take a picture anywhere without asking a stranger 
9. Do not need bluetooth or charging, cable wire included 
10. Lightweight, portable, easy to carry
How can I take photo? 
1. Connect the audio cable with the mobile phone 
2. Press the button on the stick to take photos


5 Colors:   Black  Blue  Rose  Gold Green
please let us which color do you need, if not,we will send  Random  color , thank you!