UnderCover Gun Safe - Security Through Obscurity: Hide Your Gun In A Book Safe

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Protect Your Firearm With The Most Unusual Personal Handgun Safe

Affordable & Uncommon Way To Protect Your Gun

UnderCover™ is a perfect steel handgun safe for those, who strive to increase the security of their gun & ammo at home.
What makes this safe super-reliable is its disguise to appear like a hardback paper book. From the exterior, this safe looks like 100% “New English Dictionary”.
On the inside, there is a solid steel construction, including a set of keys. Lightweight and easily portable, UnderCover™ can be hidden in a plain view for safekeeping.

Product specification:

Material: Steel plate, plastic
Dimensions: 18 x 11.5 x 5.4 cm
Weight: 259 g
Number of cells: 1
Load: 5 kg
Package includes: 2x keys

Having the handgun handy can safe your life

 Imagine that an intruder broke into your property and you will need to go all of the way to the alternative room to get your gun to be able to protect yourself.This will show to be a waste of time. This is a main disadvantage of massive gun cases. They usually provide the best firearm protection, however, they large gun cases are not usually easily accessible.

Having the handgun handy can literally safe your life. As a rule, experienced intruders are aware of common types of cases and their mechanism of work. Consequently, they might try to access gun sooner that you reach it.But if your store your gun in a book? Obscurity might be the best security. You can keep “a book” handy and be ready to protect your home in case of an emergency.


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