DTap™ Tactical Gun Laser Sight

Effective Distance

Even If You Have Poor Eyesight, Can't Hit The Broadside Of A Barn Or You're A Converted Gun Grabber... This Tactical Laser Sight Will Get You Hitting More Targets Instantly

Note: Due to multiple issues with customs regulations package does not include batteries anymore. You can easily find and buy these batteries for couple of dollars in your neighbourhood.

These sights can fit just about any gun whether it's a handgun, a rifle and even a shotgun!

In a few seconds you can attach the laser sight, turn on the laser itself and start placing shots straight through the heart of any target.

Our military personnel's ability to hit targets is the difference between being a casualty... Or fighting another day. S.W.A.T. units around the country take down bad guys using these tactical laser sights...

Because one bad shot can lead to tragedy whether it's on the battlefield or in your home during a robbery.

In fact, in 2012 the University of California-Davis medical school found that 44.8% of shooting victims weren't even the intended target.

Think about that, during a home invasion one bad shot with today's gun technology can hit a family member... Or even a neighbor!

However, gun owners who can shoot accurately have been known to stop violent thugs with one well placed bullet. 

Why Tactical Gun Laser?

✔ Works with virtually any kind of gun including handguns, rifles and even shotguns
✔ Doesn't require any special training or hours of practice shooting at the range... it really is aim shoot and smile
✔ Even Complete Newbie Gun Owners Can Shoot Like A Grizzled War Veteran!

Product Specifications:

  • Power: <5mW
  • Voltage: DC 4.5V, 3 pcs LR41
  • Wavelength: 650nM
  • Effective distance: 300 meter at night
  • Weight (net): 30g (1.1 Ounces)
  • Size: 28x26mm
  • Material: High class aluminum alloy in beautiful black matte and tactical style
  • Switch: On/off switch is located in the back of the red laser sight
  • Windage & elevation adjustable with supplied hex key tool
  • Shock proof and can be used on real fire caliber
  • Battery runtime: 2-3 hours
  • Working temperature: -10°to 45°
  • Laser dot size at 10 meter: <2mm

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