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SwanNeck™ Flexible Phone Stand



Smartphones are Awesome.
But Side Effects are Horrible.

This 21st Century problem is being called "text neck," and it can be caused by straining your neck forward to see that screen. As you type out an email to a colleague or answer your boss' latest urgent request, you're holding your neck at an unnatural angle. And it stays there for much longer than it should, causing muscle strain and pain.

Adults are (more or less) aware of this issue and they tend to stop using phones when they feel the pain, but kids are whole other story. Kids are capable of being in bad posture for hours - if they play or watch something interesting.

It's Not Just Hands-Free.
It's Neck Pain Free!

We cannot successfully forbid phones to kids, neither ignore urgent mail from our boss, but we can improve our posture when we use these wireless devices.


That's why SwanNeck™ is very popular among people who use phone often at home or office, and also among parents who want to prevent their children getting life-long neck pain.


The SwanNeck™ Flexible Phone Stand fits for most mobile phones. It has four clamps that sink in to grab your device for a strong stable hold. Attractive rubber pieces carefully hug your smartphone's body safely. A flexible long wire can be adjusted to any comfortable viewing angle or distance you desire. Mount to side of a table, desk, door, etc. via a sturdy metal spring clamp.

With SwanNeck™ you can watch your phone hands-free at the angle and distance that fits you perfectly!

Color: Black
Material: Plastic + aluminum-magnesium alloy
Lenght: 27.5 inches