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Snake™ Flexible Shaft Bit


No more struggle.
No more weird positions.

Drills are amazing tools to have, but their robust construction is sometimes annoying. Especially when you are trying to reach nooks. Uhhh such a pain!

At that point, drills are the most annoying tools! We forget about all their usability and hate that design while trying forever to reach Hard-to-Access nook we want. But there is a solution!

Flexible & Convenient.
Make Hard Job Easy

This flexible shaft can be used for general formula hand drill chuck, it can also be used for electric screwdriver screwdriver. Snake™ Flexible Shaft head can be mounted hexagonal shank (1/4 handle) the first batch, mainly used in computer chassis, electrical cabinets, furniture, electrical appliances and other narrow space screwdriver can not work in an environment operations .

DIY Supplies: Electrical
Length: 11.61in / 290mm
Material: High Carbon Steel
Use: Metal Drilling
Type: Indexable Drill Bit

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