Flexible Snake™ Shaft Bit - Extends Bits Into Hard-to-Reach Areas


Get Done More In Less Time

High-carbon flexible magnetic bit holder is a locking, magnetic & quick release bit holder designed to flex and hold at various angles, allowing access to hard-to- reach areas. It can be used for general formula hand drill chuck as well as for electric screwdriver. Designed for 1/4 in. hex shaft bits, it does not rotate during the use. Magnetic bit holder keeps fasteners and bits secure while driving.

Perfect for:

• Cabinets
• Drawers
• Installing window features
• Cars
• Hardware installation
• Various narrow areas

Product features:

• Easy to get in hard-to-reach areas
• Not rotating during the use
• Shaft flexes up to 90 degrees
• Magnetic bit holder keeps fasteners and bits secure while driving

Flexible & Convenient.
Make Hard Job Easy

This flexible shaft can be used for general formula hand drill chuck, it can also be used for electric screwdriver screwdriver. Snake™ Flexible Shaft head can be mounted hexagonal shank (1/4 handle) the first batch, mainly used in computer chassis, electrical cabinets, furniture, electrical appliances and other narrow space screwdriver can not work in an environment operations .

Time-Saving Tool For Mechanic

It’s not a secret that pro mechanics have some automotive tools they can’t live without, the ones that work best for them and which they keep close at hand. Flexible Snake™ is one of them. It is a time-saving tool as for the beginner mechanics, as well as for pros. This flexible shaft bit extension helps to reach into hard-to- access places and get the work done faster while applying fewer efforts. Guaranteed value by thousands of auto mechanics

Product specifications:

Material: High-carbon steel + plastic
Length: 290 mm
Inner hexagon: 6.35 mm (1/4)
Hexagon shank: 6.35 mm (1/4)
Color: Black

Essential Instrument For Every Toolbox

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