SharpVision™ Anti-Fog Goggles – The Only Swimming Eyewear Maximizing Clear Vision In The Water

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Reliable polycarbonate lenses provide up to 180 degrees of clear vision when moving in the water
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Become More Competitive
& Crush Your Goals

Every champion needs decent gear to break the records. SharpVision™ is one of kind goggles, developed to enhance swimmers’ performance in the water. Its silicone gasket is easy to mold to contours of any type of the face, minimizing leaks under water. The lenses are made from a high-quality polycarbonate material that ensures clear vision while wide-angle lenses structure reduces tunnel vision and blurring.

Unlike other swimming goggles, SharpVision™ is developed to provide superior underwater vision by refracting the rays that are passing at different angles so they come to focus.

Product features:

  • Anti-fog structure
  • Hypoallergenic silicone construction
  • Strap is fully adjustable
  • UV protection & scratch resistant lenses
  • Adjustable for faces of any size or shape

Want To Get Faster In Swimming?

Swimming speed depends on swimming techniques and positioning a lot. In addition, you have to control your balance, kicks, propulsion and more.

However, some gear might dramatically improve your performance. Hand webbed flippers are one of those boosters. Though you cannot use them in most competitions, if you enjoy breaking your own records in the swimming pool – it is a must for you.

Lightweight and compact, these flippers will improve your grabbing while swimming. It’s an ideal swim gear for kids, who need encouragement for good performance; beginners, who want to see fast results; and every swimmer who would like to enjoy their favourite sport a bit longer.


Product specification:

  • Frame Material: Acetate
  • Lens Height: 72mm
  • Lens Width: 60mm
  • Lenses Material: Plastic

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5 Powerful Ways For Swimmers
To Stay Motivated All Season

1. What’s your vision? Write out what you want to do with your swimming career and what you want to accomplish. Thoughts come and go, float away and get forgotten. Put it down to paper. When you feel tired, you will know that you’re on the right way to your main goal.
2. Surround yourself with positive people. Seek out swimmers and peers that have a positive outlook, and don’t engage people who live to complain.
3. Challenge yourself on the regular. Staying within the comfort zone will not help you to break the records. Each day challenge yourself within practice, and with every next day you will do things better.
4. Catch up on your sleep. Numerous studies have shown that getting added sleep improves performance, so treat yourself with enough hours of rest.
5. Write down your workouts. This simple trick provides lots of motivation by keeping you on your toes during practice as you will strive to improve your results, not make them worse.

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