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Pilgrim™ Travel Cable Organizer


Untangling wire knots.
It takes forever.

We can easily say that we are used to all new electronic devices as a part of our daily life. Even elders use smartphones, tablets, PC. But, even though, we use these devices easily, we are not still used to accessories for our pricey smartphones, cameras, etc.

One of the bigger hustle is traveling with cables. They entangle by them self in our pocket, not to mention if we put few of them in same pocket - HELL!

That's why we've made our solution that will put all those troubles behind!

Carry Your Cables.
Without Mess.

With all troubles that cables carry with themself, we came with unique solution - Pilgrim™ Travel Cable Organizer. Yes, it's all that name says - easy to use, small space taker, convenient way to travel with your cables.

What is so good about it?

First, you have enough room for every single cable, even if you carry smartphone + tablet + camera + PC. Everything will fit! Beside that, each cable will have its own place in your new 9.5in x 4.3in Pilgrim™ Travel Cable Organizer. Also, when its packed and zipped, your Pilgrim™ Travel Cable Organizer takes less space than folded shirt!
Nylon cover will ensure that every cable inside stays undamaged if the pouch is exposed to rain or snow.

Get instant access on every single cable
Neatly store all electronic accessories