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Paparazzi™ - Portable Mini HD Camera

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Never Miss A Moment Again

Paparazzi™ ensures that you never miss an important moment by always having your camcorder handy. This camera allows you to take pictures, shoot video and record voice wherever you need it.


Paparazzi is a unique portable HD camera, lightweight and easy to use on the go. Supports up to 32GB memory and can be connected to any device via USB. Night vision and motion detection features allow recording under poor illumination. Also, it can work as a PC camera and portable U disk.


It is widely used for home security, working place monitoring, media, litigation, education, and travelling. This camera is highly recommended for those people who live in the dangerous areas with the high crime rate in order to increase the chances of having evidence in tricky situations.


  • Memory Footprint:About 3G/hour
  • Lens: HD 7670
  • Charging time: 3 hours.
  • Shooting time: About 1.5 hours
  • Video resolution:720*480
  • Picture resolution: 1280*1024.
  • Recording: 352kbps 
  • Color: Orange and Gray
  • Item net Weight: 13g 
  • Item size: 4.7 x 2.9 x 1.4cm 
  • Built-in Battery: High capacity lithium polymer

Indicators Guide:

Operating Mode Standby Working Condition
Recording Mode The red indicator flash The red indicator flash slowly
Camera Mode The blue indicator flash The blue indicator flash one time
Separate Recording The red and blue indicator flash The red indicator flash and the blue indicator flash slowly
Motion Detection The red and blue indicator flash The blue indicator flash and the red indicator flash slowly
Charging The red indicator flash slowly The red indicator flash in full power
No Electricity The red and blue lights flash 7 times alternately before power off
No Memory Card The red and blue lights flash 5 times simultaneously before power off

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