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Wipe & Protect in 5 Seconds - Up To 600% Stronger!

You know that terrible suspenseful feeling you get in the few seconds after dropping your phone? Of course you do - we ALL struggle with smashed phone screens! Thankfully, we’ve discovered how you can AVOID cracking your screen FOREVER. We’ve uncovered a way to make your screen up to 600% stronger! And the answer is in a technology already being used in the aerospace industry. Unlike other screen protectors, DiamondProtect™ is applied as a liquid, not a sticker – this means no air bubbles!

  • Scratch Protection: Applied space technology makes material 600% more durable, scratch-resistant & crack-proof
  • 100% No Air Bubbles: DiamondProtect™ is made from liquid glass & is 100% sticker-free
  • Absolutely Invisible: 100% invisible & cannot be felt – No shine, no reflective glare
  • Easy-to-clean: Instantly wipe away fingerprints & smudges
  • Antibacterial Effect: Made with a wafer-thin-nano-coating protector which prevents the formation of germs & bacteria
  • Splash Protection: DiamondProtect’s™ high tech composition forces water droplets to drip off the screen instantly, cleverly giving it splash-resistant qualities

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