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DiamondProtect™ - PaneProtection™

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Protect Your Windshield in 4 Easy Steps

What if you could say that your car’s windshield was protected by the same nanotechnology used to secure the windshields of aerospace cockpits? Luckily, DiamondProtect™ identified how to harness the power of space technology to make your windshield up to 500% stronger & safer! Simply applying this liquid formula to your windshield makes it drastically stronger in seconds! DiamondProtect™’s PaneProtection™ is designed to make your car’s windows and windshield significantly harder, more durable, and weather-resistant. PaneProtection™ is water and ice-repellent, making it easy to keep your windshield crystal clear and durable, all year-round. Never again deal with pesky insect-splatters, dirt, oil, cracks or scratches.

  • Scratch Protection: Applied space technology makes your windshield up to 500% more durable, safe from rock-fall, scratch-resistant & crack-proof
  • Improve Visibility Up to 500%: PaneProtection™’s high-tech formula forces rain and dirt to drip off the windscreen - Benefit from a clear view even without wipers
  • Absolutely Invisible: DiamondProtect™ is made from liquid glass & is 100 nanometres thin, 100% invisible & cannot be felt – No shine, no reflective glare
  • Easy-to-clean: PaneProtection™’s microfiber cloth allows you to always keep your windshield spotless and smudge-free
  • Ultra-Resistant: PaneProtection™ is extra resistant to high-pressure cleaners and washing machines – Clean your car worry-free
  • Less Mosquito and Insect Adhesion: PaneProtection™ is a super smooth, high-tech layer of material that when added to your windshield, makes it almost impossible for insects to stick to it
  • Easily Remove Ice & Frost: PaneProtection™’s nano-technological formula makes removing ice & frost from your windshield easier than ever

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