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NoiseKillers - Professional Soundproof Foldable Earmuffs


Are you distracted with the noise around you? Our NoiseKillers have strong sound isolation while very soft to wear.

These will make you comfortable when you shoot/study/sleep/work.

1. High quality soundproofing plastic has been used
2. Adjustable headband slides to fit all sizes
3. Large padded ear cup openings for optimum comfort and fit
4. SNR 26db
5. Color: brown
6. Material: ABS ear cup + sponge pad + strengthen ABS headband and sponge pad

Folds up to about the size of a softball or grapefruit

How to wear:
Ideal for use with string trimmers, lawn mowers, circular saws, drills, and other noisy power tools

1 x Soundproof Ear Muff