MiniEye 2.0™ - How smart travellers avoid getting sick while on vacation with 1 affordable tool


Did you know?

Even 5-Star hotels are caught breaking hygiene standards - Cleaners at the Shangri-La and Kempinski were seen using a toilet brush to clean the glassware in guest rooms!
Getting sickcan RUINthe trip of a lifetime - Record hotelstaff in your room with MiniEye 2.0™& Ensure that your room is properly cleaned while you travel



Save money on "professional" camera systems.
Avoid paying $100's, even thousands of dollars for expensive cams with MiniEye™ 2.0

Bacterial Diseases You Could Contract in Your Hotel Room:

✓ Influenza

✓ Bad cold

✓ Pertussis

✓ Anthrax

✓ Meningitis


The potential costs of neglecting your health while on vacation:

✓ Costly medical bills to treat disease from poor hygiene conditions - over $1000

✓ Cost of postponing your flight due to sudden sickness - over $300

✓ Cost of expensive creams to combat skin rashes contracted from harmful bacteria - Up to $100

Total Value: Over $1,400

Get Your MiniEye™ 2.0 For Only

$69.99 USD


Intelligent & Affordable
Travel Security


Product Includes:

  • 1 x Mini Camcorder
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x stents
  • PLUS FREE waterproof kit

Travel isn’t always easy: from growing hotel theft rates, to home break-ins, to getting lost in disorienting and dangerous areas, to suspicious and untrustworthy hostel guests, to disease-festering hotel rooms due to poor housekeeping procedures, there are enough worries to scare even the most experienced travelers. This is where MiniEye™ 2.0 will become a saver. Compact design and rich functionality are suitable for many uses. Enjoy high-quality seamless recording to capture these critical moments, provide evidence in tricky situations and allow you to enjoy worry-free travels.


Why MiniEye™ 2.0?

✔ MOTION DETECTION: Automatically starts recording when the motion is detected
✔ ENDLESS RECORDING: Loop recording feature enables non-stop video copy
✔ PROVEN THIEF CATCHER: In most cases, thieves cannot find & disable this camera
AFFORDABLE TRAVEL SECURITY: No expensive travel safes or pro security systems needed
✔ OFFLINE FOOTAGE STORAGE: Even if intruders turn electricity off, MiniEye™ 2.0 will record
✔ COST-EFFECTIVE: Affordable price makes it possible to have MiniEye™ 2.0 cameras in multiple locations in hotel / Airbnb / hostel rooms

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 0.96in * 0.96in * 1.02in
  • Resolution support: 1080P (Full HD)
  • Net weight: 0.03lbs
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Sensor Technology: CMOS
  • Memory Card Type: Micro SD / TF
  • Built-in memory: No
  • Working Time: 180 minutes of continuous recording
  • Video frame rate: 1080P / 30FPS
  • Aperture: f = 0.09in
  • Function: Infrared Night Vision
  • Case: Waterproof

Even The Most Expensive
Security Systems Are Vulnerable

Hotel robberies are all too common and happen even in the best hotels. Police don’t keep statistics on hotel thefts and hotels do not always report them. According to USA Today, nearly half the crimes against guests of hotels or hostels were thefts.

Hotel hygiene standards are constantly being violated in hotels and hostels worldwide. Even high-class accommodations with room rates of up to US$410 per night have been caught on camera cleaning their guests’ glassware with toilet brushes.

For solo female travellers - Clip a MiniEye™ 2.0. to your backpack or jacket for a super easy and effective way to increase your safety, security, and confidence.

Take your travel security into your own hands withMiniEye™ 2.0.

Having MiniEye™ 2.0 at your hotel or hostel will add extra security for yourself and your valuables:

  • Intruders cannot find MiniEye due to small size.
  • If the intruder turns off the Internet, MiniEye™ 2.0 will still work and record.
  • If the intruder destroys the cam, there's a quite big chance that footage will remain on the card.

Enjoy your vacation worry-free, knowing that your discrete MiniEye™ 2.0 is keeping your valuables safe and monitoring your room while you’re out.


Small Size
Multiple Uses

Ultra-small size but rich video recording functionality allows MiniEye™ 2.0 to seamlessly record videos/capture images in low-light conditions, underwater and on-the-go. Wide 155-degree angle lens captures broad point-of-view while IR-cut function provides quality recording even during night time. Distinctive functions of motion detection and loop-cycle recording enable reliable video monitoring of specific actions. The camera starts recording only when the motion is detected and will continue to record until the end of the action. It makes MiniEye™ 2.0 perfect travel security device: intruders or housekeeping staff fail to find it while it records them in action.

Proved Formula
Improved Features

Features MiniEye MiniEye 2.0
Resolution: Video Resolution: 720P Resolution support: 1080P FullHD
Specials: Standard night vision Improved IR Night Vision
Coverage: 120-degree lens New, wider-angle lens: covers more frontage with 155-degree lens
Battery: Working Time: 100 Minutes Working Time: 180 minutes, upgraded, longer-lasting battery
Equipment: Standard Waterproof to 30M: can now be used during rain and in the water
Filming in Full HD: No Up to 2 hours
Dimensions: 0.90in * 0.90in * 0.90in 0.96in * 0.96in * 1.02in
Price: $120 $69.99

The Key to Worry-Free Travel. Steer clear of harmful diseases & Save $1000s in medical bills while travelling!

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