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Long-term Cost-effective Outdoor Lighting 50% OFF Only TODAY

Save Money & Environment with Lumify™

LED, short for “light-emitting diode,” is one of the most energy-efficient lighting options available today. Lighting up your outdoor with Lumify™ will lead to saving on power bills. Comparing to standard incandescent lights, Lumify Solar Lights have longer lifespan, higher efficiency and lower maintenance cost, making them a money-saving investment.

Why Lumify™ Solar LED Lights is Ideal for Landscaping Lighting:

1. Reduces overall lighting cost

Although buying LED lighting might seem costly, it is absolute money-saving option if you evaluate the value of your purchase over the long-term perspective. To figure out how much you will save please use this saving calculator.

2. Improves home security

Lumify has motion-activated security feature, making security ligts run continuously from dusk to dawn, so energy saving quickly add up. The number of homeowners installing LED motion-activated security lights is increasing every year. They place LED security lights above garages and along the sides of a home to illuminate dark pathways, as a result making their homes safer.

3. Limitless landscaping uses

You can add Lumify LEDs to your outdoor spaces in unlimited ways. Some popular uses include installing LED spotlights to showcase specific areas of the lawn or landscaping, lining walking paths with LED track lighting, hanging LED rope lights along deck handrails and recessing small LEDs in porch steps. It should be noticed that Lumify LEDs are safer than incandescent bulbs because >they produce minimal heat and reduce the chance of fire.

4. Attract fewer insects

Lumify LED lights have another advantage for outdoor use. Insects are attracted to UV lights. This is why they tend to congregate around porch lamps. Lumify lights do not emit UV rays and, therefore, do not have the same allure to insects as incandescent lights.

5. Safer lighting option

Lumify LEDs are flexible in terms of design. The lights can be directional, meaning they can focus on a specific object instead of lighting up an entire area. This is often used in landscaping because it can create dramatic effects. Also, since LEDs are less breakable than other types of bulbs, they are safer for an outdoor setting where children or pets may be present.

Well-tried Crime Prevention Device

As you might know, the crime rate is constantly increasing in most U.S. cities. While no one can guarantee 100% that no one will break into your home, this device will reduce the likelihood of significantly. Lumify LED Solar Lights TM is motion-activated lights, which are automatically turned on when someone walks nearby.
Homeowners can prevent intruders from getting into the house by placing Lumify Lights near the home entrance or places, where it is easy for burglars to get into the house. Lumify motion-activated system automatically turns on when someone approaches the place with Lumify lights, making intruders hesitate and, in most cases, scare them away.

Power Source: Solar
Certification: CE,RoHS
Protection Level: IP65
Voltage: 6V
Is Dimmable: Yes
Body Material: ABS
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Base Type: Wedge
Are Bulbs Included: Yes
Warranty: 1year
Solar Cell Type: Lithium Battery
Warranty: 50,000hours
Waterproof: IP55


Where should the solar panel be mounted?
Mount your solar panel in a position that will enable the most amount of light to be absorbed. It is best to install it face south to get direct sunlight.

Does the solar panel require direct sunlight to charge?
The solar panel can charge the internal batteries in direct and indirect light. For best results, try to optimize your solar panel’s sun exposure.

Can you mount it upside down or under side of garage ledge to brighten the driveway?
You can mount it upside down if the solar panel stay in the sunlight.

How well dose it charge during winter?
Works well in winter as it requires 2-3 hours of direct or indirect light to get charged.

Can I adjust the motion setting illumination time?
No. The solar panel illuminates light as long as it can detects the motion.

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