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LoudGuard Bike Alarm™ - Extremely Reliable Bike Wheel Lock

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The Best Way to Protect Your Bike and Make Thieves Jobless

Affordable Anti-Theft System
That Actually Works

LoudGuard Bike Alarm™ is easy to transport and reliable bike wheel lock with an alarm system. After installing on the wheel or the brakes, it turns on a loud alarm if the bike is being tampered. Due to its compact size and lightweight, LoudGuard Bike Alarm is a practical solution for many cyclists. You can be sure your bike is safe and secure even if it is parked in a high-risk place for a long time.

Don't Let Your Bike Be Another Statistic.
Protect It With LoudGuard Bike Alarm™

Based on statistics, more than 45, 000 bicycles were stolen last year. Frequently even the most expensive gear cannot prevent your vehicle from being taken away, as experienced thieves know how to break different lock systems. In this case, it is best to frighten thieves in order to prevent a negative outcome. Similar to auto alarms, LoudGuard Bike Alarm starts working immediately if someone moves your bike, preventing your vehicle from being carried away.

Product specifications:

Material: High quality steel
Weight: 500 g
Dimensions: 50 * 8 * 6 mm
Technical parameters: 200 mA; 110dB trigger alarm
Package: Alarm disc lock comes with 2x keys

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