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LifeStrikes™ Version

Get This $14.99 100% Stainless Steel Lifestrike™ Waterproof Lighter Today While Supplies Last

Stainless Steel Key Ring – allows your LifeStrikes™ Pro to attach easily to your keys so it's never out of reach.

Waterproof Steel Fuel Capsule – drop it in a lake, off the side of a cliff, or even run it over with a car, and the LifeStrikes™ Pro will still fire right up every time!

Textured Flint Wheel – the flint wheel is designed for even cold, soaking wet hands to get a solid grip on the LifeStrikes™ Pro and start a lifesaving fire when you need it most.

Fully Adjustable Wick – allows you to adjust and change the length of your flame in a snap.

30,000 Strike Flint Rod – up to 30,000 strikes means you'll never need to worry about it failing you.

Ultra Durable O-ring – unlike ordinary lighters, the LifeStrikes™ Pro will NEVER accidentally run out of fuel! (A Zippo can run dry in as little as a week!)

Rayon Batting – soaks up every drop of fuel and makes sure that it never leaks.

Adjustment Screw – allows you to instantly adjust your flint to make sure it gets just the right spark!

Stable Base – unlike other capsule style lighters, the specially engineered base allows you to sit it stably on the ground and free up a hand to add more tinder to your fire.


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The Lifestrikes™ Will Always be Ready to Start a Fire Even After Being SOAKED in Water

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