Kiowa 2000 Tactical Sunglasses


  • Specially designed to provide comfortable compression and support
  • Made in with high quality materials so  durable, breathable, comfortable material, special hand back protection
  • Double-layered palm design for strong anti-slip effectiveness
  • Suitable for any sport or outdoor activities including biking, hunting, survival, shooting, airsoft, paintball, any hands on labor  work and much more


  • Style : Tactical
  • Glasses Type : Full Protective
  • Material : Polyurethane
  • Suitable for: Tactical, Racing, Riding, Camping and Mountaineering
  • Features: Explosion-proof, UV400 Protection
  • Color : Black, Brown, Blue, Purple, White


Are these glasses strong and heavy? 
These glasses are very strong, but not heavy. They are made from light, but durable materials, so you can't feel uncomfortable pressure.

Would these glasses be good for riding a motorcycle?
Yes, they are perfect for riding a bike and many other applications in sports and outdoors

Are these glasses explosion-proof?
These glasses can protect your eyes from many light explosions, such as burst of fire.

What are lances made of?
Durable Plastic called Polyurethane


Protect Your Eyes And Keep Perfect Vision

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