KeyStyle™ - Stylish Key Organizer



Less Scratches.
Less Jingle.

The biggest issue with standard keychains is that they are bulky, they jingle and keys do damage. Either by poking holes in your pockets or scratching your phone, damage over time that your keys do is enormous.
Organizing your keys is step 1 to the end of these troubles.

There are a ton of key organizers on the market, but most of those don't really solve main issue - scratching. Those are mostly made out of hard materials, such as aluminum and steel, which still do harm on your sensitive gadgets.

Then, KeyStyle was born!

No to Lost Keys.
Yes to Style.

KeyStyle organizer is made out of smooth hand-crafted leather in unique fashion. It embodies true elegance to your lifestyle.

  • No more key jingles
  • Fits 2-7 keys
  • Car key fit
  • Prevent key scratches
  • Organize your keys

Compact Solution.
Elegance & Convenience.

Roughly the size of a pack of chewing gum, this lightweight yet durable key organizer is cut from full grain vegetable tanned leather. It’s unique design accommodates up to 6 universal keys, while a rubber insert provides a smooth deployment and locking positions.


In addition to convenience, KeyStyle has soft edges and really puts safety in the first place. Your phone or pocket will remain undamaged beside your keys.


But that was not enough for us. We went step further and made sure that this key organizer is elegant and luxurious. Either you keep just your home keys, or car key, or even USB attached to it, your style will be recognized every time you pull up your KeyStyle out of your pocket.



Compact Solution to Eliminate Bulky Keychains.