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Stand Out From The Crowd With Exclusive Speedometer LED Watch

Speedometer Digital LED Watch

Feel the need for speed with this high-quality digital LED sports watch. This timepiece goes from zero to sixty in one hour, ensuring that you’ll be right on time for every pit stop in your fast-paced day. Mimicking the look of a car speedometer, this watch features time, date, and day functions with easy handling when it comes to adjusting it to suit your needs.

LEDs are the highlight of this watch! The upper right dial indicates the hour (1-12) or month (1-12). The lower centre dial indicates the minutes or day of the month by 5s around the dial and singles in the middle (27 would be indicated with numbers thru 25 being lit and 1 and 2 in the middle). AM/PM lights up for, you guessed it, AM or PM hours. WEEK lights up to indicate the day of the week (Mon-Sun). Trust me... Reading it is quick and easy like any watch once you are used to it!

  • Power supply: Battery
  • Display: LED
  • Material: plastic (watchband); steel (watchcase)
  • Watchcase Size: 1.65 x 1.46 x 0.31 inch / 4.2 x 3.7 x 0.8cm(L x W x T)
  • Band Length (include case): 10.16 inch / 25.8 cm
  • Band Width: 0.87 inch / 2.2 cm
  • LED Color: Blue
  • 30m Waterproof

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