iFlex Flexible Phone & Tablet Stand

iFlex Flexible Phone & Tablet Stand


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Cool Gray
Dark Navy Blue
Neon Pink
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Sky Blue

Could You Use a 3rd hand?

Do you know how sometimes you are trying to wiggle the Endosnake borescope into some tight spaces, and you need to use both hands, but you have to hold the phone to see the screen ?

Well, we just came back from the Consumer Electronics Show and we met this cool veteran-owned startup called iFLEX. and they invented a flexible phone stand - which is kinda like having a third hand!

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Flexible Holder

The iFLEX is a utilitarian device that does everything from holding your cell phone/tablet to tacos and beer. You have never experienced a product so creative and useful until now!!!

Go Hands-Free

The iFLEX is the must-have mobile phone stand and tablet stand. The foldable cell phone stand can be adjusted to any position, so it is at the perfect angle for your video conferences. Place your iPhone, Android, tablet or iPad where it can be easily viewed at EYE LEVEL. It also holds books, eyeglasses and more

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