HikeHero™ - Ultralight Sleeping Bag For Faster & Easier Hikes

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Free Up Valuable Space
For Critical Items

HikeHero™ sleeping bags are the lightest and smallest on the market. Everything from the lining to the zipper and strategic placement of insulation was engineered to minimize weight and size.

HikeHero is easily compressible with 4 straps, which usually reduces bulk in your backpack by 30%-50%. Extra-soft liner and durable shell with water repellent coating ensure you can stay dry, warm, and comfortable on your camping trips. Made from high-quality ripstop nylon, a bag is best used in 41-59 °F (5-15 °C) locations.

HikeHero can easily become double sleeping bag when you connect 2 sleeping bags together.

If you want your sleeping bag to be both warm & comfortable as well as compact and light, HikeHero is an ideal choice for you.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 6.2 x 2.5 inch (1.9 * 0.75m )
  • Material: 320D waterproof nylon
  • Fabric: 190t polyester pongee
  • Style: Envelope Type
  • Filling: Hollow cotton
  • Comfort temperature range: 41-59 °F (5-15 °C) 
  • Season: Spring & Autumn, Summer

Who is this sleeping bag for?

  • Short travel hikers
  • Long overland travellers
  • Minimalist-packing adventurers
  • Fast-riding off-road riders
  • Those who put premium on saving weight & space

Backpacker Tips: How to Save Room in Your Backpack

1. Only pack what you need.
Just pack the essentials: socks, underwear & basic clothing. One pair of shoes along with some cheap sandals.  And, if you’re a travel blogger, your basic electronics.  Just keep in mind as a rule of thumb that everything you can purchase overseas, you should just leave back home to gain more room in your backpack.

2. Wrap fragile electronics in clothing.
Wrapping your fragile electronics like cameras, wires, external hard-drives & anything else will make it easier to pack those certain things wherever you need to inside your pack. This will make the electronics a bit more durable against the normal wear and tear travel provides to all your equipment while on the road.

3. Use compression bags.
Compression bags are super useful as they can super-condense items that hold a lot of air. Sleeping bags, which usually takes lots of space, should be compressed for gaining more room in your backpack. With compassable HikeHero sleeping bag, you will use your backpack space wisely without sacrificing warmth and comfort during cold nights.

4. Lose your shoes, take your sandals.
The rule of thumb is to take 2 pair of shoes max. One for everyday hiking, walking, trekking, and backpacking. The second pair should be a cheap, $2-$3 dollars pair of sandals.

5. Mix & match your outfits.
Carrying 5 or 10 sets of clothes doesn’t mean that you have to carry 5-10 sets of each article of clothing. Mix and match your outfits so that you can turn 5 shirts, 2 pairs of pants & anything else into 10, 15 or 20 different outfits.


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Downsizing your sleeping bag will assist your performance off- road

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