GentlePaw™ - Powerful & Quiet Home Grooming Pet Hairdryer

Color of GentlePaw™

Powerful & Noiseless Pet Dryer for 100% Fluffy Results

Quiet multipurpose pet dryer transitions from quick general drying to detailed styling. GentlePaw™ is 75% quieter than a traditional hair dryer while advanced air technology provides faster drying. No heat, just warm air distribution that preserves moisture and natural oils. What’s more, you can simultaneously brush your pet while drying.

The result is perfect shiny, silky, healthy coat without over-drying. GentlePaw dryer will keep your pet’s coat feeling soft and fluffy for days afterwards. She can look like she just came straight from the groomer after every bath.

Product specification:

  • Power: 2400W
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Air Speed : 25M/S - 50M/S
  • Color: Brown; White

Why GentlePaw™:

✔ Powerful
✔ Ultra-Quiet
✔ Portable
✔ Brushing while Drying

Best Solution for Stinky Dog Smell

From muddy puddles to piles of leaves, your doggy can get messy when she plays outside. Consequently, it might cause a bad smell from your pet. The odor might be due to sweat, dirt or presence of fungi among others.

Best way to prevent your dog from smelling bad is thorough bathing. Regular baths keep your dog clean and her skin healthy, but after a good washing, her fur needs to be dried off.

It is essential to dry the dog’s hair after the bathing in order to avoid dangerous bacteria to appear on her coat. In addition, quality drying will keep her coat beautiful and her skin healthy.

GentlePaw™ was designed to make pets home grooming simpler for pet owners while more enjoyable for dogs. It’s strong enough to dry a thick double coat dog, like Collie or a Samoyed, as well as it’s effective for close-cropped ones like Pit Bull. Moreover, you can easily take this hairdryer anywhere you go as it’s super-portable and can fit any purse.

Let Your Pet Enjoy the Grooming!