SoleSkins™ Foot Pads

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Protect Your Feet From Sharp Objects & Hot Sand

How To Always Enjoy
Hot Sandy Beach Barefoot

A barefoot stroll on the beach is one of the life’s simple pleasures – unless the sand is scorching hot.
Yes, walking on the beach is amazing! It helps us to relax, enjoy and connect with nature. But there's nothing relaxing if the sand is too hot, which is common in summer, or if you step on some sharp object. That hurt like hell! 

That's when the SoleSkins™ Foot Pads were born!

Familiar with all challenges barefoot stroll could have we've created SoleSkins™ Foot Pads. On the first look these stick-on pads look quite simple and a bit unorthodox, but they are much more than that. SoleSkins™ Foot Pad is the must-have for those who like walking around barefoot, not just on sand, but in spa, pool or even on the street. Strong silicone ensures that no harm will be done to your feet, but still, you can simply peal them of your fit and reuse them again. They are anti-cutting, waterproof, anti-slip, durable protection which once you try you'll never get off.

Item Type: Foot Care Tool
Material: Cotton/Spandex
Size: S,M,L
Type: Foot Patch


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