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eFlameLighter™ - Charge it. Light it!

Color of eFlameLighter™
Mixed Color

How It Works

Tired of lighters and matches failing you all the time? Too windy, too wet, low on fuel... we’ve all been there!
The new eFlame USB rechargeable electronic lighter will not have these problems - ever.
Quickly light anything without failure and never worry again.

Easy to recharge

eFlame can be charged via USB, just like any smartphone. The beautiful lighter allows you to easily charge it up anywhere with a cable so you can always have a reliable lighting source at your fingertips wherever you go..

Light it anywhere

eFlame Lighter can also work in the most extreme conditions. Whether it’s windy or raining, this lighter will still be able to do its job. This amazing durability has made the eFlame Lighter one of the most powerful lighters available on the market today

The Details:

✓ Double Pulse Arc Ignition
✓ No fuel or Butane - Eco friendly and Safe
✓ Rechargeable - Up to 200 Lights Per Charge
✓ Windproof & Waterproof
✓ Dimensions: 74mm length, 35mm width , 12 mm thickness
✓ Premium Grade Metals

Whats included: Lighter, Micro USB Cable, Gift Box

Happy Customers

Light anything in seconds - without failure