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EasySplit™ - Most Accurate Scissors in the World

Material of EasySplit™

Get Perfectly Straight Cuts Every Time! Buy 50% OFF Only Today!

Get Accurate Cuts With Just the Press of a Button

These professional scissors cut straight and accurately in no time with just the press of a button. EasySplit™ laser guided scissors are easy to use cutting paper, fabric, craft materials and more. This laser scissors will draw a line that will be your guide in creating a straight, aligned and precise cut. High-grade, stainless-steel blades with a precision-ground edge stay sharp longer and cut all the way to the tip.

Ergonomic design and light touch operation makes them ideal for people who suffer from arthritis, reducing the hand strain.

Cuts faster than any other scissors available. Use for crafts, wrapping gifts, fabric and more.

The scissors is battery-operated and can be easily replaced with a new one. EasySplit™ cuts more accurately than any other scissors available. Use for SEWING, crafts, wrapping gifts, fabric and more.

Why EasySplit™ is best scissors you’ve ever had?

✔ Superior Accuracy
✔ Steel Sharp Blades
✔ Ergonomic Design
✔ Removes the Necessity for Line Marks
✔ Made from high quality plastic and stainless steel

How to use EasySplit™

  • Carefully take out scissors and point sharp end of scissors downwards.
  • Push button on right hand side of scissors to turn on laser light.
  • Adjust laser by turning the two screws on the side of the unit until you see the laser line up
  • with blade.
  • Carefully cut while keeping laser aligned with mark.
The particular product meets the FDA requirements and is harmless if it is used appropriately. FDA Class: IIIa - Depending on power and beam area, can be momentarily hazardous when directly viewed or when staring directly at the beam with an unaided eye.
Do not direct the laser directly at the eyes. There is a risk of injury if a person is staring at the beam with an unaided eye. This is not a toy. In case the scissors are used by kids, it is recommended to be used under adult supervision.

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