Twin™ Brella


Avoid looking foolish. Look perfect.

If you use your umbrella.
You will like this one!

In all written records, the oldest reference to a collapsible umbrella dates to the year 21 AD, when Wang Mang (r. 9–23) had one designed for a ceremonial four-wheeled carriage. Since then, umbrella has been improved in various ways. Different materials were changed, different sizes were made, cost of making one is reduced multiple times and now, after 2 millenniums, almost every house in the world have one. With all these facts we can easily say that umbrella is an irreplaceable item. But can it be better?

Yes it can! Presenting to you: Twin™ Brella

Whether you are the best golfer on the course who needs additional sun and rain protection, or you are a sweetest couple out there and you want to have one umbrella for you two, Twin™ Brella is something you cannot just pass and ignore. Even though we are familiar with all kinds of umbrellas, this new Twin™ Brella is something you probably have seen only rich people have. Twin™ Brellas have unique design with 2 angles of protection which puts them way above regular big umbrellas when it comes to functionality. Golfers love this umbrella because of style. Couples love it because kissing in the rain is now waaaaay better!



Whoever tried Twin™ Brella
Never went back to regular umbrellas

Type: Umbrellas
Panel Material: Pongee
Pattern: Long-handle Umbrella
Material: 190T Nylon Fabric
Function: Folding
Control: Fully-automatic
Age Group: Adults
Size: One Size
Product: Sunny and Rainy Umbrella