DeskSmart Color

Prevent Chronic Muscle Pain With 1 Affordable Tool

Prevent shoulder, arm and wrist pain at the office with this one simple desk accessory. Easily attach this arm pad to the edge of your desk and you’ll immediately notice the relief. The weight of your forearm is distributed over a large area, reducing localized pressure on the wrist and eliminating the constant strain on muscles in the neck, arms and shoulders that so many computer users experience. Easy & quick to assemble, portable and affordable, the DeskSmart is our #1 armrest for preventing computer-users from developing musculoskeletal disorders and chronic muscle pain.

  • Constant Arm Support: Padded arm moves freely in a horizontal plane, giving your arm constant support & preventing the development of strenuous disorders such as tendonitis or bursitis
  • No Hassle: Easily attaches to a computer desk up to 4.8cm (1.9'') thick
  • Smart-lock mechanism: The pad locks itself into place when arm pressure is applied
  • Type with Ease: DeskSmart makes using your keyboard more comfortable & enjoyable
  • Easily Adjustable: Can easily be adjusted to the user’s desired position
  • Easy-to-Hide/Remove: When not in use, simply swivel the pad sideways and it’s instantly out of your way
  • Portable: Fastening & detaching the device is instant, making it ideal for convenient transportation – Fits perfectly in a briefcase or shoulder bag
  • Durable Build: Made from strong ABS plastic
  • Pad size: 29 x 12cm; 11.42'' x 4.72’

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