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Quickly & Easily Fix Dents & Enjoy Your Car Look New Again

Get rid of the dent without damaging the car paint. Designed to fix your car dents, DentOff™ is a real money-saving kit. No need to spend hundreds on a body shop to repair the dents. Now you can easily do it yourself!

DentOff kit consists of 10 different size tabs for dent removal and hail damage dings paintless repair. It is suitable for all types of car surfaces. No chemicals or other toxics are used in the process; the ergonomically designed dent popper helps to pull a dent out easily.

100% original paint protection guaranteed

DentOff is widely used for sheet metal processing of truck, automobile, refrigerator, motorcycle body, washing machine etc.

Why DentOff™ is best DIY dent removal kit on the market?

  • 300 times more suction than other non-locking suction dent pullers
  • Simple to use locking lever provides the user greater pulling power
  • Powerful enough to pull out large dents

What to Do When Someone Dings Your Car Door

1. Keep calm and buy DentOff™ paintless dent removal kit.

2. Clean the sunken position of the car.

3. Select the correct sized dent pulling tab by comparing it to the size of the dent. Larger tabs are to be used for larger dents and smaller tabs used for smaller dents and for finishing dents. (To save time when doing multiple repairs, glue and place all of the tabs at once on the vehicle, then do all of the repairs.)

4. Apply hot glue to the dent pulling tab by pulling on the trigger of the glue gun until approximately a dime sized amount of glue is released.  Allow the glue to set for about 5 minutes. The glue should be hard to the touch at the time you begin repair.

5. Slide the dent lifter device directly over the dent pulling tab shaft until the adapter in the center of the dent lifter slides over the shaft of the tab. Adjust the height knob accordingly.

6. Squeeze the dent lifter handle slowly several times until the desired result is achieved. 

7. It is common for the dent pulling tab to release from the glue, leaving the glue on the panel of the vehicle. When this occurs, spray 91% rubbing alcohol on the edge of the glue and peel it away using the plastic scraper.

The Best Way to Fix Dents on Motorcycles

SAVE HUNDREDS on Car Dent Removal!

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