CYMYE™ Vacuum Sealer – The Healthiest Way To Store Your Food

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Reduce Food Waste
& Save Your Money 


Many people around the world prefer to buy in bulk in order to save money on food. However, all of the savings you experience from buying in large quantities is lost if your food spoils before you have a chance to eat it. This is where CYMYE™ Vacuum Sealer can save your funds.

CYMYE™ extracts the air from food stored in the vacuum bag to help save them from spoiling. While it’s made to keep food like meat, fruits, nuts, and snacks fresh longer, you can also use this vacuum sealing system to keep things like papers and stuffed toys from getting dusty. It works in only a few seconds and is easy (and quiet!) to use.

There are two magnetic absorption panels at the bottom of the sealer for easy attachment to any convenient metal place.

The vacuum function can only be used with plastics made specifically for vacuum.
You will receive 15 pieces of special vacuum bags with CYMYE sealer.

Product Specifications:

Effects of Vacuum Sealing on Shelf Life

Vacuum sealers preserve food 3-5 times longer than food stored in plastic bags or containers. The amount of time it will last depends on the type of food and whether it's stored in a refrigerator, freezer, or pantry.


To keep track of your food's freshness, write the date on the bag after you seal it. This will let you know how long it's been stored and how quickly it should be eaten.

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