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CarCorder™ - Best Way to Protect Yourself On The Road

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Prove Who Was At Fault
In Case Of An Accident


CarCorder™ is a small digital camera that records the driver’s journey whenever the car is turned on or moving. It includes a full HD 1080p high-definition camera with 140-degree viewing angle in order to get the most accurate representation of the road ahead during the recording. The camera has night-vision feature to give you piece of mind on the road even at night.

CarCorder is an essential tool for ensuring safety on the road and expediting proceedings with the courts and insurance companies in case of an accident. For anyone who spends a fair amount of time travelling on the road, it’s a must-own product.

Why CarCorder™:

✔ Evidence in Case of an Accident

✔ Saves Money on Unjustly Issued Tickets

✔ High Quality Camera for Day & Night Recording

On Wrongfully Issued Traffic Tickets With CarCorder™

If you were unjustly issued a traffic ticket, you can avoid being unfairly charged and save your money:

  • Average speeding ticket cost: $50 - $2,500
  • Average fine for running a red light: $450 - $500
  • Average fine for running a stop sign: $250 - $350
  • Average parking ticket cost: $30 - $450

Your Total Savings: $780 - $3,800

Invest In Your Safety & Protect Your Money.
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How CarCorder helped our customers to avoid wrong accusations by the police

Dash cams can capture those moments that would normally come down to your “version” of the story as a driver.
Whatever the occurrence—a car cutting you off, someone jumping in front of your vehicle—the dash cam records it and saves it for later reference.

George, Portland

I got pulled over last year. A big, burly cop knocked on my window and asked me to step out of the car. Here was this mean looking fellow, all uniformed up, telling me not only that I crossed a red light, but he also accused me of reckless driving and drag racing. He said he was going to write up 3 tickets. Most cops are great people, but if you run into a rotten apple there really is almost nothing you can do. Who is the judge going to believe, me or him? Any judge will always take the word of an officer of the law, that's just the way our country works.

Luckily, I had just bought this fancy new invention, called CarCorder. That means I had video evidence of my driving behavior. And when I showed it to the judge, who did you think she believed? Me. Because video evidence trumps anything a cop will tell a judge, because it is inadmissible proof of innocence.

Helen, Houston, TX.

I was doing a usual daily school run with my 3 kids in the back seat. Suddenly, the officer stopped my car, saying “Hands up where I can see them! You’re under arrest for dangerous driving!” After this shocking words, I was accused of several crashes and nearly running over an old lady who was crossing the street.
Thankfully, I had my CarCorder dash cam and after a few hours arguing with officers, they actually agreed to look at the footage… that showed me being driving cautiously from school without any wrongdoing.
I was released immediately, though if I hadn’t a dash cam that day – I could end up with 8 months in jail!

The legal benefits of dash cam

Paul Veillon is an attorney with Galileo Law in Seattle, Washington. With a practice in personal injury and diminished automobile value in traffic cases, Veillon is an expert on traffic law and in working with insurance companies.

“Insurance companies have been engaged in ‘fault shaving’ to a greater extent than ever,” Veillon tells Digital Trends. “Even in clear liability claims, they assert that their driver is only 90% at-fault, at least for the purposes of the property damage claim, to save 10% on collision repair, rental, or total loss charges; knowing that 10% of a claimant’s property damage isn’t enough to justify a lawsuit. Dash cams can help prevent frivolous liability defenses when another driver turns left in front of the owner or pulls from a stop sign or a private parking lot.”


Happy Customers

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